Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, NY Yankees and Tuesday's Late Sports Buzz

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Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, NY Yankees and Tuesday's Late Sports Buzz
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

What is going to become of Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers?

This is a question that is weighing heavily on an awful lot of minds right now.

And because the Lakers were swept out of the NBA playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks just two days ago, there are no clear answers. There is only speculation, and it is coming fast and furious from every corner of the known universe.

That might be a little too hyperbolic, but here's another question—how much does Kobe have left?

That one's a little easier to answer. It is, after all, a mere subjective matter.

One thing we know for sure right now is that LeBron James certainly has a lot left. He and the Heat stretched their series lead over the Boston Celtics to 3-1 on Monday night, putting them one win away from the Eastern Conference Finals. If the Heat can keep up their NBA Jam-like style of play, they'll be on their way as soon as Wednesday.

It's not all about the NBA playoffs these days. The baseball season is starting to get interesting, and as always, the New York Yankees are right in the middle of it. They're leading a tight AL East with a record of 19-13, but have won just two of their last six games. With a weekend series against the Red Sox looming, they could lose their grip on the East very soon.

It's definitely a busy day in the world of sports. For updates on all the latest, all you have to do is keep it here and wait for updates.

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