Fantasy Baseball: Tuesday News and Notes

Collin HagerSenior Writer IMay 10, 2011

Tuesday Notes

Aaron Hill is only 2-for-26 against Jon Lester while Adam Lind is 3-for-17 and Jose Bautista 6-for-29. Ugly numbers abound! John McDonald, Jose Molina, and Corey Patterson are your best bets in this one as all are at or better than .333. Lester is 8-4 in his last 13 starts against the Blue Jays.

Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard are still good to go even against an ace like Josh Johnson. Rollins is at .308 while Howard is at .310 with two home runs. Could NL-only owners have a use for Pete Orr here? His 6-for-13 is certainly enticing. Raul Ibanez has had a lot of struggles at just 2-for-14.

The Cubs, surprisingly, have good numbers against Chris Carpenter. Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano are both at .333 in 60 and 42 at-bats respectively and each have two home runs. Kosuke Fukudome's 2-for-17 is the only red flag in this one unless you plan on starting Blake DeWitt who is 3-for-13 in his career against Carpenter. Carpenter is 3-4 in his last nine starts against the Cubs.

Only Justin Upton at 9-for-28 (.321) is worth the start against Tim Lincecum. The next best number is is Gerardo Parra who has hit Tim at .267. All your other Diamondbacks are batting sub-.210 against him. Chris Young is the worst offender batting .158 but Kelly Johnson (.207) and Stephen Drew (.200) are not far behind. Young and Drew have combined for 27 strikeouts against Lincecum.

Michael Young is 7-for-13 with a home run against Brett Anderson while Adrian Beltre is 6-for-16 with a home run of his own. Elvis Andrus is better than .300 and Mike Napoli is at 4-for-9. Only Ian Kinsler's 2-for-10 is mildly worrisome. Anderson gave up seven runs in five innings in his last start against Texas, his only bad outing of the season.

Jason Kubel has been red-hot and he owns Rick Porcello, going 10-for-20 against the Detroit starter. Denard Span has also had good numbers going 6-for-16. Michael Cuddyer however, is only 2-for-17. Morneau has limited at-bats, but he is someone I would start avoiding. His swing just looks awful right now.

Brandon Phillips has had major struggles against Brett Myers, going just 3-for-25. Renteria, Gomes, and Bruce are all good to go here. Renteria is batting .457 in 46 at-bats while Gomes is hitting .500 in 10 at-bats. Bruce is batting a healthy.357. Joey Votto isn't bad, but is only 4-for-16 against Myers overall.

Lance Berkman has a sparking .157 average in 70 at-bats against Carlos Zambrano. That said, four of his 11 hits are home runs. Matt Holliday checks in at just .211 in 19 at-bats while Yadier Molina is batting .200 in 35 AB. Albert Pujols has five home runs but only a .273 average in 66 at-bats against the Chicago starter.

Garrett Jones is a .400 hitter in 15 at-bats against Ted Lilly, with a home run. Andrew McCutchen is on the other end, hitting only .200 in 20 at-bats. It might not be a bad idea to add Ryan Doumit to your lineups. Doumit is a .296 hitter in 27 at-bats with a home run against Lilly.

Spot Starts: Richard, Hammel, Correia

Wednesday Notes

Adam Lind has been beyond impressive against John Lackey. Lind has 10 hits in 18 at-bats against the Boston starter. Otherwise, there is very little to go on for the Blue Jays historically. John McDonald and Aaron Hill each have sub-.200 averages against him in 19 and 21 at-bats respectively. Corey Patterson and Jose Bautista have ugly numbers as well, both hitting below .200 in only 15 and 11 trips to the plate.

Raul Ibanez at 4-for-10 is your best bet against Ricky Nolasco. Nolasco has largely held the better Philadelphia hitters in check. Ryan Howard is hitting .217 in 17 at-bats while Jimmy Rollins is batting .240 in 25 AB. Shane Victorino is only a .174 hitter in 23 at-bats against the Florida starter. Nolasco is 5-1 in his last seven starts against the Phillies.

Kelly Johnson is 8-for-14 with two home runs against Jonathan Sanchez. His numbers are the best in the lineup, but Miguel Montero is 4-for-10 with two home runs. Stephen Drew and Chris Young are a combined 13-for-60, each with 30 at-bats. Ugly numbers between the two there.

Magglio Ordonez is a .469 hitter with two home runs in 49 at-bats against Scott Baker. Other players hitting above .300 include Miguel Cabrera at .321 with two home runs, and Ramon Santiago at .364. Small sample for Austin Jackson, but he is 5-for-8. Inge, Peralta and Martinez are all tougher to recommend for this matchup.

The three players you likely want to start on the Astros all struggle against Edinson Volquez. Carlos Lee is 0-for-12 while Hunter Pence is only batting .176 in 17 at-bats. Michael Bourn is no better, putting up just two hits in 11 at-bats against the Cincinnati starter. Look for other options where possible here.

Spot Starts: Westbrook, Stauffer, Litsch