Romo May Play on Sunday Vs. Rams, But Probably Shouldn't

David BardContributor IOctober 16, 2008

Look, I love the idea of Tony Romo coming in and playing on Sunday as much as the next fan, but my better judgement says, sit on the bench, Tony.  There's nothing worse than a player going into a game with an injury and making it worse.  The way Dallas' O-Line played last week, I wouldn't risk aggravating the injury.  It's early in the season and we have bigger opponents coming up.  Losing to the Rams would not be pleasant, but it's a hell of a lot better than going down to the Giants two weeks from Sunday. 

Plus as Minnesotan I got a soft spot for Mr. Brad Johnson.  He was never an overly flashy player, but he always played hard and got the job done.  I will never forget when he had a pass bated right back at him and he ran it into the end zone. 

If Dallas can get healthy and start firing on all cylindars, we have a real shot at the big game that I will not mention by name, because I do not want to jinx it.

Looking to this Sunday, our secondary will be improved with Roy Williams (the safety) and Pat Watkins back in the line up.  We have Rookie Mike Jenkins stepping in for Pacman. I'm really looking for a solid defensive outing.  Especially if Romo takes my advice and sits out this week, we will need the defense to make plays and give our offense some good opportunities.