WWE: John Morrison Undergoes Neck Surgery: When Will He Return?

Joe M.Correspondent IMay 9, 2011

News broke earlier today that John Morrison would be undergoing neck surgery today. However, the severity of the injury was still up in the air.

When you think neck injuries, and neck surgery, the first thing that comes to mind is "severe injury" and while that is true 99 percent of the time, John Morrison's case is not as severe as a broken neck.

The injury sustained was a pinched nerve, an ailment that pales in comparison to a broken neck.

Dr. Joseph Moroon, a medical director for WWE, preformed the surgery on May 9th. WWE.com posted that a small incision was made to repair the pinched nerve in Morrison's neck to relieve the pain.

This is the WWE, though, and the second someone sustains an injury the first question in the fans' mind is "when will they return?"

Fortunately for John Morrison he won't have to wait very long at all, only four to six weeks, that's a month and a half at the most.

The planets seemingly align perfectly, as WWE's Capitol Pushiment pay-per-view takes place in six weeks, and is a likely return date for Morrison.  Maybe a match with R-Truth at the pay-per-view? That would fit with WWEs storyline, as they are saying that the injury happened as a result of R-Truth's attack on Morrison last week on Monday Night Raw.

As always, leave a comment with your thoughts on John Morrison's injury, and return.