WWE Tough Enough: Was Ivelisse Velez's Elimination Fair?

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WWE Tough Enough: Was Ivelisse Velez's Elimination Fair?

Ivelisse Velez was the latest victim on Tough Enough.

Last night, she was eliminated from the contest. The previous week, Velez suffered an injury while working with her female counterpart Christina Crawford. Since then, she's been working with a significant disadvantage.

Last week Velez and Crawford worked together during the in-ring workouts. Crawford could not execute a full leapfrog over Velez, causing an injury. Velez suffered a leg injury due to improper extension.

Crawford, who claims to have a cheerleading background, botched her part of the workout. She landed in the bottom three that week, but survived elimination.

The next week, Velez showed signs of injury with pretty much every move she made. Booker T and Bill DeMott claimed that she wanted them to know that her leg was hurt. Even with her injured leg, she managed to complete every workout and succeeded in the skills challenge.

Even though Velez showed signs of strength during the workouts and excelling in the skills challenge, she landed in Steve Austin's bottom three.

Austin told her that if she wasn't injured, she wouldn't be in the bottom three. That being said, he took her championship belt and she was sent home. The big question that comes to my mind is how was that fair?

There were only two females left in the competition. Velez was easily the best female competitor and that's why she managed to stay as long as she did. What she lacked in size she made up for in skill.

What a lot of fans may not have known was that Velez has a wrestling background. At only age 22, she all ready carries six years of experience. Her experience goes back to Puerto Rico at the World Wrestling Council. Out of all the female contestants in Tough Enough, she was by far the most qualified.

There's pretty much no doubt that if her injury were never to occur, she would still be in the Tough Enough competition as the last female. Rima Fakih showed determination and proved a lot of people wrong, but she wasn't going to win the competition. Crawford was a legit contender due to her athleticism, but she's not wrestling material.

The only female of the competition that was wrestling material was Velez. And she's no longer in Tough Enough. Because of another contestants lack of experience, she suffered an injury. She didn't let the injury get her down as she kept working and working.

The better contestant was eliminated. Velez's elimination was unfair and it doesn't make sense.

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