WWE's Edge and John Morrison: Are They More Similar Than We Realized?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIMay 9, 2011

Hello all and welcome. When thinking of John Morrison and Edge, we think of two of the more popular WWE Superstars in recent memory, however, one has had far more success than the other—which leaves many baffled. I needed help with this pressing issue, so I went out and found B/R Writer Rize to help me out. So, kill the wait, let's go.

First, Rize:

Since my debut in the IWC, I’ve noticed the majority compare John Morrison to Shawn Michaels. This particular comparison tends to spark a civil war in the Internet Wrestling. Pro Morrison fans would agree with the opinion, discussing the similarities in tag team success, multiple title reigns, and the similarity in work ethic.

Morrison detractors state that Morrison doesn’t possess the stage presence, charisma, or in ring ability of Shawn Michaels. While the subject at hand can spark a passionate debate, I’ve noticed number similarities between Morrison and another WWE Superstar.

Believe it or not, John Morrison is similar to the recently retired Edge, in a number of ways. For starters, both men began as members of popular tag teams. While Morrison was a member of MNM at first, his times with The Miz is where the similarities arise.

Like Edge, Morrison’s partner turned on him, sparking the end to the tag team. When Edge and Christian were a tag team, everyone expected Edge to become a top WWE Superstar. Others predicted Christian would become an upper-mid card guy at the most.

While The Miz and Morrison were still teaming, most of the WWE universe predicted John Morrison would become the star. The majority felt it was JoMo who possessed the brighter future. Perhaps the most noticeable would be singles success.

As midcarders, Edge and John Morrison have enjoyed a similar amount of success. While Edge was better quantity wise, he and Morrison enjoyed multiple singles and tag title reigns. With midcard titles are remaining an honor, both thrived to become World Champion.

The difference is, Edge was a heel. It’s no secret that both Edge and Morrison portray the heel personas exceptionally well. When it comes to portraying a face character, the arrogant rock star gimmick is not a suitable fit. In case you missed it, I was referring to the similarities in gimmicks.

Now, Joe:

Like Rize mentioned, there are a heck of a lot of comparisons. While some would venture to say that Morrison and HBK are the most similar to another, he seems to dive into the Edge comparison far more.

Morrison just injured his neck (pinched nerve), similar to Edge, however, Edge's was far worse. Both have had multiple tag team titles and been apart of pretty popular teams. Morrison, like Edge, has had a lot of singles success. Edge however, had 11 World Heavyweight Title reigns upon his sudden retirement. Will Morrison have that? I'm not too sure.

The gimmicks also are similar in the rock star angle. Edge had that kind of look and gimmick, and Morrison is simply made by an arrogant rock star like Jim Morrison. Maybe that's where he got it from?

(Enter sarcastic laugh now)

I have to, once again, agree with Rize in that both are better in their heel persona. While Edge was a good face and heel, his best work arguably was done in his heel character, not his face one. The same goes for Morrison. Statistics show, when he's heel, he wins gold easy. He has only had one title since his face turn, that was the IC title.

However, he had that title multiple times as a heel and won tag gold a lot then as well. On top of that, he was ECW Champion as a heel too. Edge also did better statistically as a heel and won nine of his World Titles as a heel. Obviously, that is a stat people will be in awe of.

The thing about it was, Edge could work a face and heel role well, while Morrison is one-dimensional, as he can only work a heel role well.

The thing that separates the two in the end is mic work. Both can go in the ring—this much we can agree on. But, on the mic, Edge is one of the best workers in WWE history. While Morrison falls far down that list. He has mediocre skills there, which isn't good.

While he may look and operate like a Shawn Michaels double, there are more comparisons to Edge than HBK. He rose the same way Edge did in many ways. On top of that, their injuries started around the same time in their careers. Edge, nine years ago, had a neck issue. Morrison is now 31—so just a few years shy of Edge's injury.

There is a lot of similarities with the two, and it makes me think that Morrison could be the next Edge. But, there is one thing he needs to do: Improve on the microphone. Doing that will make his career.


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Joe Burgett