Carrie Underwood's Top 10 Moments of the NHL Playoffs

Bobby Brooks@BrooksBetsAnalyst IIIMay 10, 2011

Carrie Underwood's Top 10 Moments of the NHL Playoffs

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    NASHVILLE, TN - FEBRUARY 17:  Country music singer Carrie Underwood celebrates after a goal by the Nashville Predators against the Vancouver Canucks on February 17, 2011 at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.  (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty
    Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

    She came, she saw and she conquered—at least for two rounds. Carrie Underwood has been officially eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs.  It might sound funny, but in terms of national attention, this little country star garnered much more attention and headlines than her husband and his Nashville Predators.

    On one hand, it takes away from the great season that the Predators had, but at the same time it was a lot of free publicity for a market that no one would otherwise pay any attention to.

    In fact, it wasn't only fans who were excited to see Ms. Underwood at the games this year.  I heard many media members publicly say that the good thing about Nashville winning Game 5 was that they would get to see her one more time.

    With that, let's take a look at the series that was and countdown the top 10 Carrie Underwood moments of the second round.

10: Taking on the Green Men

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    After news that the Green Men would be attending the games in Nashville, Carrie decides to flash them a sign of her own.

    The only problem? 

    The men in tights had the last laugh.

9: Carrie Underwood Lends Her Musical Talent to the Stage

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    It wasn't exactly a Grammy-worth performance, but it was cool to see Carrie Underwood grab the mic and give the home fans something extra to cheer about.

    You gotta give her credit for getting involved, because there was a time where she would duck in the press box in Ottawa if the cameras put her on the screen.

    Oh she's come so far...

8: Doing the Wave

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    Who says that Carrie doesn't know hockey? 

    Ok, so maybe she doesn't, but she's been around the game long enough to know what the wave is.

    Or maybe she's just happy that Nashville scored a goal?  You know, it didn't happen that often.

    We have our best researchers looking into the context of this photo.

7: Discovering How Exciting Nashvile Predators Hockey Can Be

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    It's not like the Ottawa Senators were the next coming of the Edmonton Oilers from the 1980's, but at least they provided the occasional moment of excitement.

    I guess it was only a matter of time before Carrie succumbed to the mind-numbing style of hockey that the Predators play, but I'm sure yawning on national television didn't go over so well on the morning blogs.

6: Mike Fisher Fight

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    It's one thing to cheer on your husband during a game, but it's a totally different situation when he gets in a fight.

    But hey, what's the worst that can happen?  If he would have lost he still would have had Carrie tending to his wounds after the game.

    Poor guy.

5: Carrie Pulls out the Rule Book

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    Who said that WAGs aren't emotionally invested in the games?  Carrie Underwood is no fair-weather fan.  She attends games in the regular season and isn't shy to display her disapproval over a bad call on national television.

    Given some of the calls in this series, it's hard to blame her for the outrage.  The refs handed Game 3 to Vancouver on a silver platter.

4: Pippa Middleton Part Two?

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    Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher might not be Kate Middleton and Prince William, but they are definitely the Royal couple of Nashville at the moment.

    This means there will be extra attention paid to those in the royal entourage.  A barrage of questions surrounding the mysterious brunette seen in these photos has flooded Twitter over the last couple weeks.

    OK, so maybe she isn't the overnight sensation that Pippa was, but she got quite the buzz considering it was only a Nashville Predators game.

3: Carrie Brings in the Stars

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    Whether it is Kelly Pickler, Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman or Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood has brought the country stars off the street and onto the ice.

    Is it possible that Nashville has become the new Los Angeles of hockey?  Celebrities have been few and far between in California since Wayne Gretzky left town, but we could be seeing a return of the stars to our beloved league.

2: The Green Men Strike Again

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    Out of all people to get a penalty at Rogers Arena, it just had to be Mike Fisher right?

    Most players do their very best to ignore the Gumby duo, but Fisher likely felt obligated to defend his honor—or at the very least offer a tributary token of acknowledgement.

    Can you please remind me exactly why the NHL felt compelled to muzzle these guys? 

    I thought the no-fun police were reserved for the NFL.

1: The Ups and Downs of the Playoffs

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    For the first time in history, the Nashville Predators won a playoff series.  This couldn't have come at a better time for the franchise as things seem to be on the up and up.  The postseason revenue is flowing in, celebrities are packing the house and they pushed the President's Trophy winners to six games.

    Unfortunately, the fun had to come to an end sooner or later.

    Carrie Underwood's favorite new team ultimately came up short, and Game 6 came to an emotional end.

    However, with Mike Fisher under contract for at least two more years, you can be sure we'll all be ready for another roller-coaster ride again next year.

    But will she?