A Bunch Of Number Two's Better For Big Blue?

Jared KarlebachContributor IOctober 16, 2008

It is in my estimation that the New York Giants would be a better passing team with a bunch of number two wide receivers rather than the usual numbers one through six. This is not a knock on Plaxico Burress, rather a plea that he join the other receivers in a mentality that elicits the view of one unit and not number one receiver.

Domenik Hixon is not a true number one, Amani Toomer no longer is, Sinorice Moss is not, Steve Smith is a stud but not quite a number one, Mario Manningham is not, and neither is David Tyree. There is a reason that Plaxico Burress is labelled a true number one. He is physically imposing and his talent is through the roof. Now what if he had the mentality of a number two like the rest of the receiving core?

Plaxico is amazing when motivated so here is my solution to keeping that motivation for the whole season. Instead of talking as though there is a true number one on the team, lets hear the coaching staff start talking as though the only "one" on the team is the whole single unit of the receiving core.

Obviously Plax will get more playing time than the rest as he should, but just like the running back by committee where everyone needs their touches, it is time the receiving core is run the same way where all of them get in, get to play, and get their touches. Plaxico is the perfect player to free up other receivers who demand less attention.  His effort may go up in an attempt to regain that number one designation.  This is just an idea of how to boost his effort level, but like an idea it may not work.  He probably will not catch as many balls this way, but who ever heard of a number two receiver not getting the ball enough?