The Future is Bright for the Irish

Dan CollinsCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2008

Although Notre Dame football faced a rough season in 2007, finishing 3-9, the Irish seek greatness in years to come. 

Currently, Notre Dame is ranked number one in recruiting for the 2008 class. Dayne Crist and Michael Floyd look like they can have a big impact on the offensive side of the ball. With all the hype on Jimmy Clausen last year, he just couldn't get the job done. I expect him to start in the first couple of games but Crist could see some action by week five.

That isn't the only thing to watch for next season. Robert Hughes has made a name for himself, averging 5.5 yards a cary and four touchdowns. The Irish also return four starting wide recievers including David Grimes and Duval Kumara. The line is the only concern on offense for coach Weis and the Fighting Irish heading into the 2008 season.

The defensive side of the ball looks a little shaky. I was just informed that Pat Kuntz will not be attending the University of Notre Dame due to personal reasons. This is a shock to the whole Notre Dame family. With the loss of him and Laws, the defensive line looks like they are going to be in for a long year unless guys like Ian Williams and John Ryan step up.

Maurice Crum has pledged to come back for a 5th year and end on a great note. He will be joined by Kerry Neal and Toryan Smith at the linebacker position. Notre Dame defensive backs really haven't shown anybody that they can play. Now with the help of Gary Gray and Darrin Walls, they can become a dominant force on the defensive side of the ball.

Nobody really expects Notre Dame to have a good upcoming season. But this team knows what it feels like to lose, and I'm sure that they will do anything to get back that winning feeling again. This team is real young but I know that they have a lot of heart and want to win real bad. Watch out for the Fighting Irish in 2008!