The 40 Naughtiest Sports Hotties Ever

Scott HowardContributor IMay 10, 2011

The 40 Naughtiest Sports Hotties Ever

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    Everyone loves a bad girl, and in the sports world there are plenty of them to choose from.

    Whether it's WAGs that can't seem to stay out of trouble or cheerleaders that get kicked out of school for taking racy photos, it seems that the women of sports are always showing their naughty side.

    Here are the 40 naughtiest sports hotties in history.

40. Molly Maginnis

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    In 2010 Oregon was having some off-the-field troubles, and it even extended to their cheerleaders.

    Eighteen-year-old Ducks cheerleader Molly Maginnis (left) was cited for a DUI after a police officer saw her having trouble parallel parking.

    Considering the fact that I once tried 15 separate times to parallel park correctly and didn't draw the attention of the police, I'm pretty sure the officer just pulled her over because of the way she looked.

39. Lisa Guerrero

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    Lisa Guerrero is an accomplished sports journalist who mixed business and pleasure when she married pitcher Scott Erickson in 2004.

    She posed for Playboy in 2006, which may have made it harder for athletes to take her seriously when she's interviewing them. 

    Needless to say, it's not her journalistic integrity we're concerned with.

38. Ulrika Jonsson

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    Swedish television presenter Ulrika Jonsson made a sex tape while on vacation holiday in Cyprus with soccer player Stan Collymore, but Jonsson later took out an injunction preventing Collymore from releasing the tape.

    If only the Swedish courts worked as slowly as American courts, that thing would have been out before the judge ruled.

37. Caitlin Davis

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    The New England Patriots former cheerleader Caitlin Davis earned her naughty stripes because of this.

    She took to drawing all over her friend, including swastikas, etc. Hmm, interesting.

36. Shaunie O'Neal

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    We already dislike Shaunie for bringing the horror that is Basketball Wives into our lives, but in season two she truly revealed her naughtiness.

    She got into a verbal spat with Gloria Govan, the fiancee of NBA player Matt Barnes, which nearly turned into a physical altercation.

35. Alicia Rickter

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    When future Hall of Famer Mike Piazza responded to rumors about his sexuality he said, "I'm not gay. I date Playboy Playmates."

    Alicia Rickter is who he was talking about, and he later married her. With outfits like this, Rickter is the definition of naughty.

34. Christy Oglevee

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    Most, if not all, cheerleading squads have a rule that expressly states that they are prohibited from dating players. This is probably one of the most broken rules in the history of the world. No this one isn't as naughty because she actually ended up marrying the guy she broke the rules with: Redskins tight end Chris Cooley.

33. Carmella DeCesare

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    You know you're naughty when your entire living is based on you taking your clothes off. That is until you marry an NFL player and live off his millions.

    That's the story with Carmella DeCesare who won Playmate of the Year in 2004. She also had a brief career as a WWE Diva, and we all know why we tune in to see them.

32. Toni Braxton

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    The Dallas Mavericks of the mid-'90s were one of the most promising young teams in the NBA. That is, until Toni Braxton brought it all crashing down.

    Word on the street is that star guards Jason Kidd and Jim Jackson had a feud over the hot R&B singer which eventually led to Kidd demanding a trade and being shipped off to Phoenix.

    Watching this video, it's not hard to see the appeal.

31. New England Patriots Cheerleaders

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    One member of the Patriots cheerleading squad, Caitlin Davis, made this list for writing inappropriate things on her drunk friend.

    These girls, however, make a much higher appearance on the list. Apparently the Patriots girls head to Punta Cana every summer and while they're there they enjoy the night life, have some cocktails, and parade around half naked in front of the camera.

    No wonder they're one of the best franchises in sports.

30. Jennifer Williams

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    This Basketball Wives star and wife of former NBA player Eric Williams showed her naughty side when several nude pictures of her "surfaced" on the internet.

    You're automatically catty if you make the cut of the Basketball Wives cast, so the pictures just take Williams to the next level.

29. Lauren McDonald

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    Lauren McDonald is a WAG famous for getting into a fight with fellow WAG Leah Shevlin. Shevlin found out that McDonald had quickly jumped on her ex, Fraser Black, after the two broke up.

    MacDonald and Shevlin apparently got into a catfight at a night club one night which resulted in Shevlin being left "bloodied and bruised." I guess we know who won that fight.

    It didn't help that at the time they were both dating soccer players on the same team, but McDonald has since left her man, Maurice Edu, and reportedly moved back on to Fraser Black.

    Scottish tabloids report that the feud is not over and, in fact, McDonald and Black recently egged Shevlin at a shopping mall.


28. Heidi Hamels

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    Heidi Strobel went the naughty route afer her appearance on Survivor with a Survivor-themed spread in Playboy.

    After that she started dating World Series MVP Cole Hamels and the two were married in 2009.

    Anybody who has ever heard Cole Hamels speak knows that he's not exactly the coolest guy around, so I'm not sure how he handles thousands of men drooling over naked pictures of his wife.

    I guess he has more important things to think about.

27. Laure Manaudou

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    Laure Manaudou is a French swimmer who found herself on the "naughty" list in 2008 when several compromising pictures of her appeared on the internet.

    The pictures were reportedly leaked by her angry ex-boyfriend, but what takes this story to the next level is that there's also a video floating around.

26. Indiana University Cheerleader

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    Indiana University has one of the most esteemed basketball programs in the country. I can't say the same for the cheerleading squad.

    They did take one step towards immortality when one of their members had a series of racy photos surface on the internet.

    I know she looks 35, but apparently this is the real deal.

25. Nicola Tappenden

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    Nicola is a singer, actress, model and most importantly, a well-known WAG. After her breakup with Fullham's Bobby Zamora, she bounced right over to another soccer player, Plymouth Argyle player Simon Walton.

    She showed her naughty side by posing for several nude photo spreads. I'll let you find them on your own.

24. Evelyn Lozada

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    Lozada is another Basketball Wives cast member who likes to scream a lot and get into fights. She also took her naughtiness up a notch when nude photos were leaked and spread across cyberspace.

    Luckily she found a man who can understand shameless self-promotion. She's engaged to camera-hog Chad Ochocinco.

23. Kim Zolciak

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    If you're a young man looking to date an older woman, there's no better place to look than the Real Housewives franchise.

    That's exactly what Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann did when he found Kim Zolciak on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

    Zolciak is known for having one of the show's biggest fights with fellow cast member NeNe Leakes. Doesn't look like Kim was the instigator, but it still makes her naughty.

22. Imogen Thomas

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    Imogen Thomas is known for dating soccer player Jermain Defoe, but she was first a contestant on the UK version of Big Brother.

    She's also been in Playboy and has a sex tape out there somewhere. Pretty standard reality star progression.

21. Kim Kardashian

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    You may have forgotten where Kim Kardashian's fame found its origins, but I haven't. Kim first gained popularity and became a media sensation when a sex tape of herself and Ray J surfaced on the internet.

    From there she turned into a full-on media mogul, but we'll never forget Kim's naughty beginnings.

    "Naughty Beginnings." That sounds like a movie that would be on Showtime at 1:30 AM on a Saturday night. 

20. Alyssa Milano

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    While Alyssa Milano has done nothing "naughty" in the true sense of the word, I think that bouncing from MLB pitcher to MLB pitcher constitutes some form of evil.

    Milano went from Barry Zito to Carl Pavano to Brad Penny with very little lag time, which had to be hard for the pitchers to deal with.

    Hey, baseball players have feelings too.

19. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Cheerleaders

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    Cheerleader picture scandals aren't exclusive to the United States, as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers cheerleaders of the CFL proved a few years ago.

    A few risqué photos of the dance squad surfaced and caused a scandal north of the border. Luckily for the dancers, none of the ladies pictured were still on the squad when the pictures came out.

    I'm sure their current employers appreciated the publicity.

18. Washington Wizards Dance Team (Part One)

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    When you were horsing around with your friends at school, did you ever have a teacher that told you to "stop playing grab-ass"?

    I did, but the Washington Wizards cheerleaders apparently did not. This was part of a set of naughty photos that surfaced a while ago.

    For having such a terrible team, the Wizards girls sure know how to party.

17. Washington Wizards Dance Team (Part Two)

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    These Wizards girls can't seem to get enough of each other. This photo comes from a set of pictures where members of the dance team are pictured in various states of debauchery.

    A couple girls are passed out on each other, one's passed on on the floor, and another finds a particularly convenient place to hold her champagne glass.

    Gotta love the Wizards dance team.

16. Vanessa Perroncel

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    Perroncel is a model who caused a rift in the English soccer team's locker room in early 2010.

    Perroncel, ex-girlfriend and father to the children of soccer player Wayne Bridge, allegedly had an affair with his teammate, John Terry.

    The scandal threw Terry's captainship into jeopardy and the timing could not have been worse as England prepared for the World Cup.

    The team finished with disappointing results, so it's safe to say that the naughty French Perroncel succeeded in bringing down the England soccer team.

    I'm sure it was her plan all along.

15. Sacramento Kings Cheerleaders

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    I used to love watching the Sacramento Kings with Chris Webber and Mike Bibby. I might have to dust off my cowbells.

    There is more pics like this somewhere out there as well. No wonder the Maloofs make their money in Sin City.

14. Keeley Hazell

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    Keeley Hazell is a British model who was linked to Chelsea star Joe Cole, but she showed her naughty side when an angry ex-boyfriend did what all self-respecting angry ex-boyfriends do: He released their sex tape.

    Hazell was horrified when her ex, Lloyd Miller, made the tape public. I think it's safe to say that nobody else in the world was "horrified" when they saw the video.

    I mean, it's not like she hasn't done countless of topless photo shoots already. She has nothing to be ashamed of.

13. Erin Barry

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    The sports and pop culture worlds were shocked when Eva Longoria and Tony Parker announced their plans to divorce in late 2010.

    The news got worse when we found out that Parker had allegedly had an affair with Erin Barry, the ex-wife of former teammate Brent Barry.

    Erin managed to stay out of the spotlight when her husband was a player, but her naughty side eventually came out and could have meant the end of one of the most high-profile sports couples of our time.

12. Orange Coast College Cheerleaders

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    The storied dance team from Orange Coast College (who apparently won nine out of 10 national titles before the pictures) found themselves in some hot water over some naughty pictures taken on a team trip to Las Vegas.

    You know the saying, "what happens in Vegas..." but that only applies if you don't photograph the whole thing with a digital camera

11. Vanessa Bryant

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    HOLLYWOOD - JULY 12:  Vanessa Bryant arrives at the 2006 ESPY Awards at the Kodak Theatre on July 12, 2006 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images)
    Vince Bucci/Getty Images

    Kobe Bryant's wife may get a pass because of what she had to go through, but she's meddled in the personal lives of two of Kobe's teammates.

    First it was Karl Malone in 2004, when Vanessa called Malone's wife and told her that Karl had been flirting with her.

    Most recently it was Pau Gasol, when Vanessa reportedly told Pau's girlfriend to dump him, which caused him to play like a sad puppy—which allowed the Lakers to be swept by the Dallas Mavericks.

    Ruining your husband's dynasty? Yeah, that counts as naughty.

10. Tawny Kitaen

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    Most known for her performance on top of a car in Whitesnake's Here I Go Again video, Kitaen became a WAG when she married former Angels ace Chuck Finley in 1997.

    Unfortunately, it didn't end so well, as Kitaen and Finley split after she kicked him repeatedly with her high-heeled shoes while he was driving her home.

    Needless to say that Celebrity Rehab was in her future.

9. Jenn Sterger

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    Sure some see her has a harmless victim who received dirty texts from old man Brett Favre, but when you parade around in outfits like this and pose for Playboy, well, I'm just saying...

    Jenn Sterger has made a name for herself in the sports world, and we are all reaping the benefits.

8. Abi Titmuss

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    Abi Titmuss is a former WAG known for dating soccer player Lee Sharpe.

    She's also known for a mega sex tape which involved Titmuss, her boyfriend John Leslie, and another woman.

    That last part gets her major street cred on the naughty list. 

7. Carrie Prejean

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    Carrie is a former Miss California 2009 and a runner-up for Miss America in that same year. Prejean drew headlines for all the wrong reasons when she made some controversial comments about gay marriage during the Miss America contest.

    She was later stripped of her Miss California crown for "breaches of contract" (aka semi-nude photos), but that didn't stop her from marrying NFL QB Kyle Boller, who we assume lets her wear her crown and sash at home.

6. Becca Mann

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    A member of the Louisville Cardinals national championship-winning cheerleading squad, Becca Mann posed nude for a bunch of NSFW pics that I can't link to here. I know you know how to google, so please be my guest.

5. Royce Reed

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    Dwight Howard's baby mama Royce Reed may be in the middle of a fierce custody battle, but she was naughty well before that.

    The Basketball Wives cast member immediately drew attention for dancing provocatively at a party with her fellow basketball wives.

    If this isn't naughty, I don't know what is.

4. Arizona State Cheerleaders

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    Arizona State is definitely the hub for some of  hottest co-eds in all the land. So it just stands to reason there would be a few naughty ones in the bunch. By the way, this is just one of many in a series.

3. Renee Thomas and Angela Keathley

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    Well guys, not sure what I can add to this story. Two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders were arrested for having sex in the bathroom together, then they beat up the people who were upset at waiting so long.

    I can't add anything else. It's all there.

2. Daniella Cicarelli

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    This ex-wife of former Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo got the ultimate revenge on her ex-husband.

    She was caught having sex...on a public...with her new boyfriend Tato Malzoni.

    That takes naughty to a whole new level.

1. Courtney Simpson

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    Another of the infamous ASU cheerleaders. But this young lady went all the way. As in Courtney Simpson became a full fledged porn star.

    Those Sun Devils sure know how to party.