Bella Gonzalez and the Hottest New Wives and Girlfriends

Scott HowardContributor IMay 9, 2011

Bella Gonzalez and the Hottest New Wives and Girlfriends

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    The best part of Shane Mosley's performance this weekend was the fact that the cameras kept cutting to his ridiculously hot girlfriend, Bella Gonzalez, in the stands.

    Pacquiao may have won the fight, but we are all winners when Bella is on screen.

    Here's a look at her and some of the other new hot WAGs out there.

Bella Gonzalez: Who Is That?

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    I think we all had the same reaction when we saw Bella Gonzalez in the stands: Who is that!?

    A quick Google search will return several flattering images, none of which really describe who she is or what she does.

    I'm pretty sure she's some kind of model, but do we really care?

A Boxing Fan

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    Judging by pictures like this, Bella is certainly more than just a boxer's girlfriend. She's a true fan who may even get into the ring herself on occasion.

    I don't think she has much trouble finding sparring partners.

A Model of Excellence

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    Bella is not afraid to show it off in her photo shoots, and with a body like that, can you blame her?

    It's easy to see how she caught the eye of Sugar Shane, who may have been slightly distracted when she was ringside during this weekend's loss to Manny Pacquiao.

Stand by Your Man

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    Now that Shane Mosley got his rear end handed to him, we'll see if Bella is in it for the long run or just a bandwagon fan.

    If she sticks with him after taking a pounding like that, you know it's true love.

Tip-Top Shape

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    Apparently Gonzalez is an avid workout buff, so maybe she helps train Mosley for his fights.

    Although Mosley did lose, you can't say that he didn't look like he was in peak physical condition, so maybe Bella's workout routine is paying off.

Zuleyka Rivera: Good Luck Charm

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    Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera started dating diminutive Mavericks point guard JJ Barea in March, and things couldn't have worked out any better for Barea.

    Not only is he dating literally the hottest woman in the universe, but his Mavs just swept the two-time defending champion Lakers in the second round of the playoffs.


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    For those of us that stuck around to see the Mavericks embarrass the Lakers in Game 4 of their series this weekend, we saw one of the most vicious flagrant fouls in recent memory.

    Lakers center Andrew Bynum intentionally elbowed JJ Barea out of the air like he was swatting a fly, and he was immediately ejected from the game.

    This came after Barea was clotheslined in Game 2 by the Lakers' Ron Artest. Do you think Zuleyka was shouting: "Hey, pick on someone your own size!"?

    If I were Bynum or Artest, I would watch my back.

Looking Down on Her Man

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    A model dating an NBA player is nothing new. But there's something not quite right about this pair.

    Barea is listed at 6'0", but he's closer to about 5'9", which is exactly how tall Rivera stands. Given that a pageant queen probably never leaves the house without heels, whenever they're out, there's a good chance that Rivera is standing about two to three inches taller than her man.

Rima Fakih: International Relations

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    Fakih was born in Lebanon and was named Miss USA 2010. On top of that, she's dating Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Ricky Romero.

    I can't think of a better show of international diplomacy than having a Lebanese-born Miss USA date a man who plays in Canada.

    I don't know if the relationship was sanctioned by the government, but I'm sure Romero's not complaining. 

A Stripper at Heart?

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    Less than 24 hours after she was crowned, Fakih was the subject of major controversy when reports surfaced that she had won a pole-dancing contest called "Stripper 101" sponsored by a Detroit radio station in 2007.

    What made things worse was that there was a set of pictures on the web. You're welcome.

A Match Made in Cold Weather

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    Not sure how they got together, but Fakih and Romero could be a power couple to look out for.

    And she's from Michigan, so you know she won't mind crossing the border into the Great White North occasionally to see her man.

Shakira: Hips Don't Lie

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    Shakira is an international pop sensation who has always been a soccer fan. She even sang the official theme song of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

    It was only a matter of time before Shakira became a world football WAG, and the lucky man is Barcelona's Gerard Pique.

A True Fan

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    For those of you that think she's just another WAG who doesn't really care about the sport and is in it just for the attention, I will direct you to this video of Shakira's constant concern during her man's recent Copa Del Rey match with rival Real Madrid.

    After watching that, you can't tell me Shakira isn't a true fan.

Scoring on the Rebound

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    This was easily the best score of Pique's life, having snatched Shakira up pretty soon after her breakup with longtime partner Antonio de la Rua.

    Shakira and Rua were together for 11 years before they split in late 2010.

Who's Next?

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    It's been a good year for Bella Gonzalez and new WAGs, as they seem to be getting hotter and hotter as time goes on.

    Since it's only May, I can't wait until our end-of-the-year WAG roundup. It promises to be very exciting.