WWE Breaking News: Superstar John Morrison Undergoing Surgery

LewisAnalyst IIIMay 9, 2011

According to his Twitter account and news outlets, WWE Superstar John Morrison is having surgery on his neck.

This source is a reliable source as John Morrison stated himself via his Twitter account; "I'm about to get an operation to fix my neck- I will return @RonKillings" (@RonKillings is R-Truth's Twitter account).

John Morrison's neck is not a 'work' and actually being a legit injury suffered according to reports.

I haven't found any reports stating when John Morrison is slated to return with this news some people have expressed their feelings on how WWE Diva Melina will use her time 'alone'.

All Melina issues aside, I really hope Morrison will return with no problems and hopefully continue his feud with R-Truth whom is undoubtedly turning into one of the more entertaining superstars on WWE Monday Night RAW.