One Lucky Guy!!!

John EichertContributor IOctober 16, 2008

I grew up with the woeful Phillies' teams of the 1960's.  This morning I wake up and the Phillies are the National League Champions.  I grew up watching Dick Allen, Johnny Callison, Jim Bunning, Chris Short, among others.  My teen years were spent watching Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, the return of Dick Allen, Greg Luzinski, and more.  The Phillies led by Schmitty, Pete Rose, Steve Carlton, among others won it all in 1980.  This was the only year that the Fightin' Phils won a World Series Championship.  Yes, they got to the World Series in 1983 and 1993, but they didn't win it all.  In 1996, I moved out of the Philly area, and moved to New England.  This was okay with me because when I grew up, I was a Boston Red Sox' fan (They were my favorite American League team.  Those of you around my age will probably remember having a favorite National League team and a favorite National League team while growing up.).  We all know they all won it all in 2004 and again last year.  Recently I moved to Florida (to the preseason home of the Phillies, but not because of them being here).  I started following the Rays.  They are young, brash, and exciting, and deserve all the glory they are experiencing.  Before the year started getting as hot as the weather, I became a quasi-Ray fan, but still loved my Phils and Sox.  


I currently find my emotions going through the roof.  I'm sitting here watching ESPN, wearing my Pat Burrell shirt, and thinking that I'm about to see the Phillies play one of other two favorite teams for the World Series Championship.   Can it get any sweeter?  Actually yes, it can.  Game 7 is scheduled on my birthday.  I'm in baseball heaven.