Clemson Is in a World of Trouble, but There Is a Way Out

Leo DonelonCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2008

Tommy Bowden’s midseason departure has made matters a lot worse for the Clemson football program. It has created a very unstable situation.

College football is not the NFL! In the NFL, you still get the draft choices when you fire a coach midseason. The impact on the recruiting program could set the team further back.

It would be in the interest of the school to develop a short list of coaches that are presently not in football, e.g. Lane Kiffin, Bill Cowher, etc. The hire from the search could take over the recruiting now and the team as a whole in the spring. The new and future head coach could evaluate the present staff and also the current players.


Midseason departures in college never work. The outcome of this could cause players to transfer, lose present recruits, etc. This type of hiring process of a known established coach could stop the bleeding.

Hiring a coach now for next year would send a message to the new coach, the present recruits, and the team that the school is supporting you and the future. You would keep the continuity of the program going and some of the previous staff would surely stay! It might even sway recruits of other programs to rethink their decisions!