Washington Redskins: Kyle Orton, Vince Young Rumors Spread in Spite of Lockout

Josh McCainSenior Writer IMay 9, 2011

Now that is a passing lane. Redskins QB John Beck may not see this next season.
Now that is a passing lane. Redskins QB John Beck may not see this next season.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Never mind that the National Football League is in the middle of of a lockout. 

Never mind coach Mike Shanahan strongly hinting at John Beck being the starter for the Washington Redskins when the 2011 NFL season finally kicks off.

Also, never mind the fact that the Redskins brought in an All-Pro veteran last year and the entire thing failed miserably.

Nope, in spite of all of that, Redskins fan are running wild on the Internet with rumors of trading disgruntled defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to Denver for quarterback Kyle Orton or the team signing Vince Young in free agency.

I know fans must be anxious since our favorite franchise is the champion of the off-season and so far there has been no off-season, but given how (allegedly) complicated the Shanahans have said their offensive scheme is, is it wise to bring in another veteran QB?

I'm not even sure these rumors are valid. 

The Orton one might have some validity (since it originated in Denver), but then again it might be a reporter grasping at straws given that the Broncos are in love with Tim Tebow and they need a defensive tackle.  You look around the league and see who needs a QB and who could part with a good DT.

As for the Vince Young rumors: They're coming out of a Miami paper.

If this were two or three years ago in the Vinny Cerrato and Jim Zorn era, I might actually believe it, but with Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan in their second year with the team, I'm not buying it.

Honestly I think the people reporting these rumors still think this franchise is being run like it has been for the past decade and a half—signing big named stars to large contracts and trading away draft picks for over the hill players.

Basically it breaks down to reporters throwing crap at the wall and seeing what sticks.  After all, in a lock-out NFL off-season, that's all they can really do since teams can't talk to free agents and can't talk to other teams about trades.

Also before anyone brings up Donovan McNabb as Mike Shanahan trading away picks for old players, at the time you'd have to see what he had at QB.

He had mediocre QBs in Jason Campbell and Rex Grossman.

Jason Campbell was probably never an option for Shanahan and more than likely was going to be traded away, McNabb or no McNabb.  As far as Grossman is concerned, I don't think Mike Shanahan has ever really liked him as his starter.

I honestly believe he was brought in because he knew Kyle's system and would start only if they couldn't sign or trade for someone better.

Well they traded for someone who they thought would be better, but sadly that didn't work out.

And now given the revelation that Shanahan thought John Beck was the best of the 2007 QB class, those last three games of the 2010 season might have been a try-out for Grossman to make the team in 2011 (even before the lockout, they didn't offer Grossman a contract extension).

Sitting the bench the entire season last year gave Beck time to learn Kyle's system.

He carried the clipboard and practiced—that's all he did.

He was being groomed the old fashioned way, and since he wasn't a high priced No. 1 draft pick, there was no pressure from the owner or fans to see him start.

With that in mind, why would the team want to sign or trade for a quarterback who doesn't know the system?

If Beck is everything Shanahan thinks he is (and I hope he is), there is no need to go out and get a stop-gap that doesn't know the system. 

If Beck isn't ready to be the day one starter, the team will probably just re-sign Grossman to hold down the fort until Beck is ready—or in a worst case scenario Donovan McNabb is still under contract. 

Why repeat the error of last year and bring in a high-priced veteran who doesn't know the system? 

Also, when Donovan became a Redskin he got a playbook in early April; at best any new Redskins will get a playbook in July.  That hardly gives a quarterback enough time to learn this alleged complicated system.

Vince Young and Kyle Orton will not be wearing burgundy and gold next season—this I promise you.

The starter for the 2011 Washington Redskins was on the roster last season—be it Beck, Grossman or McNabb.  The Redskins will not sign or trade for a new starting quarterback—that I am sure of.

In fact, any quarterback signed by the team who wasn't on the roster last season will probably be a third string quarterback.

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