NBA Playoffs 2011, Brett Favre, Chicago Bulls and Monday's Top Sports News

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NBA Playoffs 2011, Brett Favre, Chicago Bulls and Monday's Top Sports News
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The 2011 NBA Playoffs will crown a new champion for the first time in two years and could see a new team take home a title for the first time in three seasons. 

The two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers crashed out of the postseason as ingloriously as is humanly possible, falling completely apart in a Game 4 dismantling at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks, while the Boston Celtics still trail the Miami Heat by a game in their series.

Few teams have delivered a showing as unimpressive as the one submitted by Kobe and company in Game 4. Thanks to their colossal defensive inadequacies, the Lakers found themselves down 24 points at the half and never managed anything resembling a comeback. 

The Lakers' Game 4 performance ranks as the most lackluster showing by a defending champ in recent memory. It was like they'd given up and weren't even trying to win after the first quarter, and as a result, they got buried.

If that's not enough for you to whet your sports appetite, Brett Favre has talked about potentially coaching (which sounds like a terrible idea to me) or getting in the broadcast booth (a fantastic idea) at some point.

Right now, though, he seems to be preparing for another offseason of "I might be coming back" drama, lockout or not.

On top of that, the Chicago Bulls managed to give away Game 4 to the Hawks thanks to a defensive letdown down the stretch. Now they head to Chicago for Game 5 and another chance to take control of the series.

In other words, it's shaping up to be a wild day in the world of sports.

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