2009 Fantasy Basketball Rankings

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2009 Fantasy Basketball Rankings
We are entering the middle of October, which means the start of a new NBA season is just around the corner. I love basketball and last year's season was especially exciting with the Boston Celtics bringing home the Championship trophy. This time of year also signifies the beginning of fantasy basektball leagues. I want to take some time to talk about my top 5 players at each position and where they should be picked when you conduct your fantasy drafts.


1. Chris Paul- Definetly the leader at this position, he was ranked the #1 player at the end of last year. He is a guaranteed 20ppg, 10ast and even had a steal in all 82 games (draft 1-3)

2. Dwyane Wade- When healthy he is a premier fantasy player. He good at the olympics and will now get to play with Shawn Marion and rookie Michael Beasley (7-9)

3. Steve Nash- Is a very consistent player who will help your team significantly with assists. He also has a very strong 50% fg from the pg position.

4. Deron Williams- Has a chance to pass Nash this year, but he still is developing as a pg. Will get double digit assists and should continue to progress as a 3point shooter. (12-14)

5. Baron Davis- Has a great season last year and is now playing for the LAC. This will help Baron now that they have added Camby and he will love playing with Corey Maggette (12-14)


1. Kobe Bryant- Hands down the best player at this position. If you draft him you are getting a risk free player who will pul up great stats. He will remain healthy and is ready to go (1-4)

2. Danny Granger- Emerged last year as a major fantasy threat. He is a dynamic player that can fill multiple categories for your team. He should only get better. (9-11)

3. Kevin Martin- Has been getting better and better each year. He is a great shooter and will help fill all of your shooting categories. He also plays strong D. (26-28)

4. Andre Iguodala- Is very close to become a great fantasy player. He continues to become a better 3-point shooter and needs to start lowering his to's. (27-29)

5. Paul Pierce- Still one of the best sg's in the game. He does play on a great team and his numbers have taken a hit, but an increase in fg% and a decrease in to's has occured. (28-30)


1. Lebron James- Clearly the best SF out of the group who is still getting better. Now has a PG in Moe Williams which will help but he still needs to get his FG% up. (1-4)

2. Shawn Marion- Has always been a high ranking player and will not get a full year in Miami. It is also a contract year for Marion so I expect big numbers out of him. (6-8)

3. Caron Butler- Is a very versatile player who when healthy is a top 10 fantasy player. He plays on a good team and without Arenas until December look for him to score alot. (9-11)

4. Josh Smith- The upside with Smith is huge, you get a great defender who has the skills to score 20ppg. Lets see if his offense catches up to his defense. (18-20)

5. Rudy Gay- Is coming of a terrific sophmore season and should continue to get better. He is making a charge towards the top of this list and will fill numerous stat categories. (29-31)

1. Dirk Nowitzki- Dirk still remains at the top of this list. He can score at will, grab some boards and will have a good FG%. He's 3-point attempts will decrease but he still a great player. (4-6)
2. Elton Brand- He looks healthy and is ready to have a huge season with the Sixers. Andre Miller will help get him the ball and I expect a big year out of him. (5-7)
3. Kevin Garnett- The top 3 PF's are so strong and are all very close in talent. Garnett comes in a bit behind the other 2 because of the team he plays on, still a very steady fantasy threat. (5-7)
4. Chris Bosh- He is a great shooter with a very high FG%. He lacks the big time rebounds but should get some help in the paint with Jermaine O'neal heading north of the border. (12-14)
5. Carlos Boozer- I love Boozer, I think he is a great athlete and an all around superb player. He plays for a good team and will continue to put up big numbers (20ppg 10rpg). (22-24)

1. Amare Stoudamire- The best player at this position by a large measure. He is young and will continue to get better, his FG% is amazing and he is a dynamic player in many ways. (1-4)
2. Marcus Camby- He is coming of a huge season and is now a member of the LAC. This will hurt him a bit, but Camby will contiune to rack up the blocks and the boards. (12-14)
3. Pau Gasol- Once he got traded he really became a top tier player. He will continue to play great ball but if Bynum is healthy Gasol may take a bit of a fantasy hit. (20-23)
4. Tim Duncan- Mr. Consistency has been a fantasy stud for years. When you draft Duncan you know exactly what you are getting and that is a great thing. (20/10 2 blk) (24-26)
5. Dwight Howard- He is a great young player who is just a monster at the fantasy level. His FG% and turnover ratio are terrible but will help you in many other stat categories. (28-30)

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