NFL Lockout: Showdown Is Emerging as Some Threaten a Shutdown of the NFL

Honor Warren Wells TheTorchSenior Writer IIMay 8, 2011

A Show Down or NFL Shutdown?
A Show Down or NFL Shutdown?

Have you ever been in a fight and your opponent barks that he's about to kick your butt? Well, a source is reporting that there could be a complete shutdown of the NFL. The threat of a shutdown would kick all of us, and cause a great deal of turmoil in NFL football.

It would decimate some communities in Oakland, California. The Raiders would undoubtedly be hurt, too.

You can be sure that if this threat is made, the alternatives are being examined. A lot of money would be lost, but those of you who know about finance and money in the United States probably see some way these owners can bail themselves out without yielding to the demands of players. I wonder would the government try to impose a stimulus for NFL football as it did for other corporate struggles. Just a thought!

It looks messy and it is complicated. This threat of a shutdown is somewhat like a crazy mate who threatens to do harm to everybody involved in a bad relationship.

Can you imagine the negative impact this would have in America if such a shutdown occurs?

Let's hope the NFL lockout can be solved and resolved.

Life without football would be like life without a place to release some of the anxieties that are piling up on us these days.

Watching a good, competitive Oakland Raiders game is a relief and is good for a lot of people. It fosters interaction between generations and families. Whole neighborhoods are centered around a good NFL game.

It gives some folks something to look forward to. It is a panacea for many troubles in times like these.