MLB Power Rankings: “Go Cubs Go” and Baseball's 10 Best All-Time Theme Songs

Anthony LifrieriContributor IMay 8, 2011

MLB Power Rankings: “Go Cubs Go” and Baseball's 10 Best All-Time Theme Songs

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    BOSTON, MA - MAY 02:  A giant flag covers the Green Monster as the national anthem is played before the game between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Angels on May 2, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.  Both teams lined up on the baseline
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    Baseball and music usually go together well in a partnership that's thrived for over a century.

    From the National Anthem before the game begins, to Take Me Out to the Ball Game during the seventh inning stretch, to the post victory song, music and baseball are one.

    Players and teams even have their own theme songs.  Here is a list of the top 10 team theme songs in the history of baseball:

10. Brewer Fever

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    Brewer Fever was the Brewers’ theme song during the early 1980’s, and boy does it sound like it.  The song itself sounds like a cross between a Mentos and Doublemint Gum commercial.

    Still, it’s a pretty solid tune that did its job back in the day. 

9. We Are Family: Pittsburgh Pirates

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    Few teams’ nickname is their theme song, and that is exactly what the We Are Family Pirates were during their 1979 World Series run.

    The song was a mainstream hit in its day, and represented the unity between Pirates players and fans during their club’s finest hour.

8. Tomahawk Chop: Atlanta Braves

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    This is fairly new, and really more of a chant, but it has music too.  It’s pretty epic because of the audience participation. 

    We can all thank Deion Sanders and his Florida State roots for bringing the chop and the resulting theme song to Atlanta.

7. Go Go White Sox

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    Somehow, this song is only 50-years-old.  Go Go White Sox is incredibly old sounding, and from first listen, sounds like it’s from the 1930’s. 

    It’s still a good song, and represents the South Side well, even though it sounds a lot like Inspector Gadget’s catchphrase.

6. D-O-D-G-E-R-S

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    The great Danny Kaye sang this song for his beloved dodgers.  The song takes place during a game between the Dodgers and their archrival Giants.

    The music and lyrics are brilliant, and Kaye sounds magnificent.  Definitely one of the best baseball themes ever

Honorable Mention: Take Me out to the Ball Game at Wrigley Field

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    This is really the Cubs’ unofficial theme song.  Legendary announcer Harry Caray used to lead the Cubs faithful with this song during the seventh inning stretch of Cubs’ home games.

    Caray would urge the fans to join in and will the Cubs to a rally.

    Now, a celebrity usually leads the fans on, usually pretty horrendously...

5. Go Cubs Go

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    The Cubs play Go Cubs Go after every victory at Wrigley Field.  Cubs fans love it, and it's been the official theme and victory song for the Cubs for almost thirty-years. 

    The song is so widely embraced, that WGN, the television broadcaster of Cubs games, show the fans singing along to the song after every Cubs win.

4. Tessie: Red Sox

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    The Red Sox have used this song for over a century.  Think about that.

    Tessie received an update by the Dropkick Murphys a few years ago, and it helped modernize an already great song. 

    The Murphys managed to maintain the spirit and catchiness of the first, making it a staple of the Fenway experience.

3. Meet the Mets

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    Retro, but classic in a good 1960’s kind of way.  Meet the Mets has endured over the decades because it is simple, pleasing and catchy.

    Sure, there were other themes for the Mets in the interim, like Out Team, Our Time, but they were horrible.  Meet the Mets is classic, and will never be dropped.

2. OK Blue Jays

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    The Blue Jays play their theme song during home games, and was originally played in lieu of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

    Eventually, they would play both, but true Blue Jay fans prefer their “OK Blue Jays” to any other baseball song.

    OK Blue Jays is simply a great song with great lyrics, and I would be proud to sing it if I were a fan of the Jays.

1. New York, New York: Yankees

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    No team is more synonymous with New York than the Yankees are, so playing the famous Frank Sinatra song is a great way to cap off a Yankee game.

    It may not reference the Yankees, but it is very much New York.