TNA Wrestling's Kurt Angle Defends His Right to Enter the 2012 Summer Olympics

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIMay 8, 2011

First off, to all the mothers out there, including mine, I'd like to say Happy Mother's Day!!

Next on the docket is of course the article.

As we all know by now, TNA's Kurt Angle is a former Olympic Gold Medalist. He won the gold in the 1996 Summer Games, and did so with, and I quote, "A broken freakin' neck." Angle did actually do it with a broken neck, so he has been telling the truth.

He actually had a severe neck injury, and it was considered until today even, to be the worst injury a competitor in the Olympics competed with. Angle fractured two of his cervical vertebrae, herniated two discs, and pulled four muscles. A pulled muscle in the neck alone nowadays is something most wrestlers would not compete with, considering how big of a deal neck and head injuries are now.

In '96, neck and head injuries were talked about, but not nearly as much as they are today. Basically, if Angle were to have the same injury now, he'd be pulled from the Olympic games by officials. Now after the '96 Summer Games, Angle rested for five months to recover from this devastating injury.

Nowadays, he'd probably be barred by doctors to wrestle in any way for most likely a year. Angle has had nagging neck issues and injuries since the '96 Summer Olympics and while we all know Angle is one of the best ever in Pro-Wrestling, we do know that the opponent on the other side of the ring isn't out there to hurt the other person.

In the Greco-Roman style of wrestling we will see in the Olympics, the two wrestlers will be out there to hurt their opponent. This is why many people believe this is a massive mistake for Angle, and one venture he won't excel at.

Now, I'm all for men and women of any age doing anything they want. But, there comes a time when you sit back and realize that the venture of which you are trying is just not going to work out.

Some throw out Angle's MMA venture, and how it never happened. Well, Angle is responding to that and defending his Olympic venture as well. Take a look at his tweets involving the subject:

much negativity goin round @ Olympic comeback.I truly am getting ready. Don't compare it to my Ufc- mma attempts, We couldn't agree on "terms"

Terms that were about $ and starting dates. Olympics will be on My "terms". Nobody elses'.It's not for Publicity or I would tweet it everyday

To the naysayers, believe what U want. But "I" am in control of this. Nobody else. My nephew and I started training for it.

As long as I stay injury free, I am going for it.Tna's backing Me. It won't be easy. Probably harder than Mma. But at least its under my terms

Now, I could not agree more that this will be on his terms. But the thing about it is, Angle—you're not the wrestler you were in 1996. Keep in mind this was around 15-16 years ago. There are kids born in that year on the road right now, that's how long ago this was.

Also, keep in mind also that you didn't have a ton of injuries before going in.

I get it, it doesn't matter the age, but the desire and heart to do something. I'm sure you saw Dara Torres at 41, win a medal at the Olympics three years ago, like everyone else did, and at 42, you feel you can do the same.

However, while 41, Torres was in great shape and had very few injuries in her career. Also she is a "swimmer". There is very little contact with another human being. To be a swimmer, you simply need to be in shape and know how to competitively swim well in all styles.

You Kurt, will be in very violent contact with many people in your Olympic run, and they're not following a storyline either. They are out there to win.

They are all probably going to be about 15 to 20 years younger than you, and while some would say age is not a factor, it is in the sport of wrestling. Angle, while in shape, is not in the same shape a 25-year old guy is in. Also, most of the wrestlers there will have a small injury past, while Angle has had numerous neck injuries in his Pro-Wrestling career.

For Angle to even think he can win the 2012 Summer Games in wrestling is idiotic on his part at the very least. Yes, he has won before and knows what it takes. But, that should make him realize he cannot do it.

He knows what it takes, and he doesn't have what it takes.

If this were a 42-year old man with limited injuries in his past, has wrestling skill, and is in good shape, I wouldn't even consider writing that person off. But I wouldn't even think then that this person was going to win with all the great young bucks out there who are the very best in the world today.

Angle as a coach would be something I'd be all for. Angle could be excellent at that. In fact, it should be a position he already tried for. But, as a member of the Olympic team? Hell no!

Save a spot for a guy who actually deserves to be there Angle. No offense, but this isn't 1996 Kurt, it's 2011. Fast forward a year, it'll be 2012, and it doesn't matter what shape you're in, how good you "think" you are, there is no way you can win.  So why even go out there and take a spot away from a guy who can?


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