Dream Fight: Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre Head to Head

Fatboy SlimContributor IIMay 8, 2011

Dream Fight: Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre Head to Head

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    It's been in the minds of every true MMA fan on the planet: the true MMA pound for pound king.

    Many have Georges St. Pierre listed as 1B and Anderson Silva listed as 1A. It's been a long time coming, and it's finally starting to look like we will see this fight.

    I'm going to be breaking down every aspect of the skills of these two fighters: striking, clinch, grappling, conditioning and defense.

    Fighter Ready? Let's get it on.


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    Isn't that just a beautiful picture? Anyways...

    I will be scoring each category on a 10 point must system. With the winner of each category gaining 10 points and the loser gaining 9 or less.

    Punching:  GSP has one of the best jabs in the game and Silva is one of the most powerful and accurate punchers in the world. Because Silva is able to pick his spots so easily and has incredible knockout power, he gets the edge in this one.

    Silva 10 - 9

    Kicks:  Look at the picture. Now back to this text. Now back to the picture. Did you notice Referee Mario Yamasaki? Did you also notice Silva's foot halfway lodged into Belfort's skull? What kind of name is Mario for a Japanese man?

    Easy round here.

    Silva throws devastating kicks, to the head, body, and legs. GSP has a flashy kick here and there, but his kicks are mostly a non-factor in his fights. Other than his head kick to Matt Hughes, but Hughes had been low-blowed three times. Instinctively his hands are going to drop.

    Silva 10 - 7

    Knees:  There is not a man on the planet who I believe has more brutal knees than Anderson Silva. Ask Rich Franklin.

    And honestly, off the top of my head, I can't remember the last time GSP threw a knee. Another easy one.

    Silva 10 - 6

    Elbows:  This one is surprisingly even. Anderson is so unpredictable with his stand up striking, however GSP is one of the best ground and pounders with elbows.

    Slight edge to Silva, just because he throws elbows both standing and on the ground.

    Silva 10 - 9

    Overall: Silva 40 - 31

Clinch Game

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    Yeah...that's Rich Franklin. That crooked white thing in the middle of his face? His broken nose. Large powerful knee digging into Rich's face? That's Anderson Silva.

    Clinch Offense:  I don't even need a description here. When have you really seen GSP work a clinch? Even if you have, did he work the clinch like Anderson Silva? No.

    Silva 10 - 5 (and that's a generous 5)

    Clinch Defense:  I've never really seen either fighter on the wrong end of a clinch. I'll have to give the edge to GSP however for one reason. He's impossible to be taken down. Anderson has been taken down from the clinch against the cage before.

    GSP 10 - 9

    Overall: Silva 19 - 15



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    Now here comes the interesting part of this article. This section is going to cover a few parts, including the picture above...

    Takedowns: Well, you already know who's going to get the edge here. Silva prefers to fight on the feet, so he never really attempts a takedown. Which is great because Silva's wrestling sucks.

    GSP was able to take down BJ Penn. Enough said.

    GSP 10 - 6

    Submissions:  Another close one here.

    My case for Anderson Silva: Rear Naked Choke victory over Dan Henderson, Triangle Choke victory over Travis Lutter, Triangle Choke/Arm Bar victory over Chael Sonnen.

    Case for GSP: Armbar victory over Matt Hughes. I'm pretty sure Silva wins this one.

    Silva 10 - 8

    Overall: GSP 18 -16


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    Both of these incredible fighters have been through five-round wars. GSP more so than Anderson, but that's just because GSP is barely able to finish fights.

    Yep, I took a shot at GSP. I'm sure I'll get heat for that one.

    Conditioning:  GSP wins this category, just for the fact that he trains to constantly grind out a five-round decision. I'm sorry. I love GSP as he is in my top three fighters. He can not finish a fight, but he is able to stay busy for the five rounds...for the most part.

    Anderson rarely goes to the fifth round, so we haven't entirely seen his gas tank.

    GSP 10 - 9

    Heart:  I dare you to find a fight that shows more heart of a champion than Anderson vs. Chael Sonnen. Silva was completely dominated the entire fight.

    He never quit, even though it looked like he should of a couple of times. He pulled out an incredible triangle armbar and sealed the win.I know GSP never gives up either, but his last fight with Jake Shields, I question his heart because he was more concerned about his eye than winning the fight.

    Silva 10 - 9

    Overall: Draw 19 - 19


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    This is the slide I've been waiting to write. The picture says a thousand words.

    Striking Defense:  Only one man has been hit less than Anderson Silva, and that is Lyoto Machida. His face never looks like he's been in a fight. He's never been bloodied, bruised, or swollen.

    GSP's eye was swollen shut after the fight with Jake Shields. And we all know how "amazing" Jake Shields is on his feet.

    Silva 10 - 8

    Submission Defense:  A very even subject. Neither fighter has ever truly been in danger of being submitted while in the UFC. Silva has lost via flying heel hook, and GSP has lost via armbar.

    Draw 10 - 10

    Takedown Defense:  I've already mentioned that Silva's wrestling sucks, and this subject is no different. Chael Sonnen, while an Olympic caliber wrestler, had zero trouble taking Silva down. Not even Jon Fitch could take GSP down.

    Big one for GSP.

    GSP 10 - 5

    Overall: GSP 28 - 25


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    Bruce Buffer welcomes us to the Octagon. Referee Mario Yamasaki pulls both fighters to the center, they touch gloves and we're off.

    Round 1: Both fighters are reluctant to engage in the first few minutes. GSP lands a few jabs and Anderson counters with a huge leg kick. Silva engages GSP with some crisp punches and kicks. GSP shoots for a takedown and pushes Anderson against the cage as the bell rings.

    Silva 10-9

    Round 2:  GSP shoots for a takedown right off the bat, but Anderson steps out of it. Anderson engages his Muay Thai clinch, landing a knee. Anderson throws another knee, GSP catches it and takes Silva down. GSP fails to advance from full guard. Bell rings.

    GSP 10-9

    Round 3:  Both fighters feel each other out again. GSP lands a hook and Anderson backs towards the cage. GSP shoots for a double leg but Anderson jumps and lands a flying knee. GSP falls on his back as Silva pounces with punches. GSP covers up and is unable to fight back. Referee Yamasaki calls an end to the fight at 2:14 into the 3rd round.

    My outcome: Silva 119 - GSP 111.

    Prediction: Anderson Silva wins via TKO (Strikes) at 2:14 in the 3rd Round.