LeBron James: 10 Reasons He Is Unquestionably Better Than Kobe Bryant

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LeBron James: 10 Reasons He Is Unquestionably Better Than Kobe Bryant
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In every league, there will be a dispute over who is truly the best player of that sport. Whether it's in the history of that league or in the present, there have always been arguments or conflicts between multiple parties dealing with who is the best of that sport.

Over the past few years in the NBA, there has been no bigger dispute between two players than LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

It's a dispute between one of the best finesse players and one of the best power players in the league, as each person has a clear-cut argument for why they could currently be considered the best.

You could provide an argument for each player, with LeBron's athleticism supporting his cause and Kobe's leadership skills giving him support. Both players are among the most gifted basketball players to walk the earth and there really isn't a wrong answer. Both players are equally amazing, and both players are equally gifted in their own right and in their own way.

However, we're going to give the advantage to the Miami Heat's LeBron James this time around.

With a perfect balance of power, strength and agility, James has utilized his gifts from God to his advantage by becoming the best player in the world. At only 26 years old, James still has time to grow and could just be entering his prime if he can begin to consistently hit his jump shots.

As the most athletic player in the league, though, taking shots from beyond the paint would be like a pilot with a private jet going everywhere by car. James has used his athleticism to his advantage, and it has translated to absurd success in all aspects that most players won't achieve in their lifetime.

The next time you get into a heated NBA argument dealing with this situation and you want to give a case to LeBron being the best, here are 10 reasons you can give why James is undoubtedly the better player.

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