Shane Mosley: Will His Girlfriend Bella Gonzalez Dump Him?

Troy SparksColumnistMay 8, 2011

Shane Mosley's style of boxing was ugly against Manny Pacquiao, but his girlfriend, Bella Gonzalez, was pretty.

His head was bruised after Pacquiao left marks on it. Gonzalez probably wasn't too pleased because her man's face was tattered and Pacquiao's wasn't.

Throughout the fight, a unanimous decision for Pacquiao, the camera would cut away to Gonzalez from time to time. She had a concerned look on her face. 

If I was her, I would too after seeing my man running from his opponent, grabbing, clutching, head-butting and giving a cheap shove behind the referee's back that was ruled a knockdown.

Some time after that knockdown, the camera showed her getting up and shouting. I don't know who she was shouting to. That was the first time she said something during the fight.

When I saw her in the camera shot, I wondered to myself how Mosley was able to pull that one off, even though she's younger than he is.

That dress Gonzalez wore was a knockout to the guys who sat around her. She kept her eyes glued to her man to see if he would get knocked out.

I wonder if since Mosley lost the fight, will she dump him? I figured, why hold on to a loser and walk out of the arena with a loser? I wouldn't be surprised if Mosley lost the fight and his girlfriend all in the same night.  

If Mosley retires from boxing, will she still stand by his side? Was she there in his last two fights, both disappointments?

Gonzalez is hot, but she needs to drop Mosley and get with a winner. It doesn't matter who is winning in the welterweight division right now. She wants to hang on to the arms of a winner.