Brett Favre: Time for Packer Nation to Allow Favre Back into the Family

JD Kruger@@JD_Packers4LifeCorrespondent IIMay 7, 2011

Is it time for the Packer faithful to forgive their shunned gunslinger? My vote is in favor of "Yes," and this is no recent revelation.

Ever since Ted Thompson and the Packers sent Favre and his indecisiveness to New York, which Favre himself claimed to be the equivalent of "Siberia," I have refused to jump on the bandwagon that included hating No. 4.

I have been a Packer fan for as long as I can remember, but I have also been a Favre fan, and I don't know how any Packer fan couldn't be.

Brett Favre brought the Packers out of the muck and mire of mediocrity and catapulted our legendary franchise back to the top of the league where it belongs. Along the way, Favre collected a Super Bowl ring, a trip to another Super Bowl, three MVP awards and over half of the NFL records for quarterbacks.

It is without hesitation that I say Favre is one of the greatest ever to play the game. Watching Favre was an honor and one day I will be telling my children and grandchildren about watching the legendary gunslinger in action.

Why it was so easy for some Packers fans to simply and conveniently forget all that Favre did for us and the franchise baffles me. There are too many good memories to spoil a few questionable actions by Favre after his time with the Packers ran out.

He suited up as a Viking. So what?

I realize that the Vikings are our rivals, and I can't stand them. But you have to understand the situation in order to understand the decision. How many teams, after Favre left the Jets, were a QB away from being Super Bowl contenders?

By my count, one. I won't deny Favre's motives to get back at Ted Thompson and Packers management. But I am also not shallow enough to ignore Favre's yearning to win another ring.

The Packers organization has long since moved on, and rightfully so. Aaron Rodgers, the one-time heir apparent, has met and exceeded all expectations.

He has climbed the ranks into superstardom. Oft heralded as one of the leagues elite and most feared of quarterbacks, Aaron will only continue to grow. There are many MVP awards to be won and many more Super Bowl rings to be worn.

The Green Bay Packers have a bright future, and it's time to rebuild bridges that were burned not so many years ago.

So, with that said, I challenge all of my fellow Packer fans when I say Brett Favre is not only an NFL great, but a Packers legend. It's about time that we begin recognizing that once more.