WWE: 25 Greatest Psych-You-Up Themes in WWE History

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIMay 12, 2011

WWE: 25 Greatest Psych-You-Up Themes in WWE History

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    When your favorite superstar's music hits does it send chills down your spine?

    Does it get you excited and on the edge of your seat?

    This slideshow will showcase the top 25 psych-you-up themes in WWE history. These entrance themes are well-known and exciting. These themes get you pumped up and might make you mark out.

    Just imagine when the arena lights go off or everyone is sitting in anticipation and these 25 theme songs hit...

No. 25: Sabu

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    Hardcore fans rejoice, it's Sabu!

    Whenever his theme kicks, ECW fans everywhere know that something hardcore and extreme is going to happen.

No. 24: Drew McIntyre (Personal Choice)

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    I had to put Drew on this list somewhere.

    Whenever his entrance starts, it is hard to not get excited. His current theme "Broken Dreams" is second to none, but he also had a good theme before this—"Seeing Red."

No. 23: Brock Lesnar

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    This theme means business, and so did the man that came out to it. Brock Lesnar was one of the most powerful men in WWE history, so it is only fitting that he has a theme that is just as powerful.

No. 22: Heidenreich

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    This theme seems like an army marching song. The beat is intense and makes it impossible to sit still while listening to it. Heidenreich had a short run, but his theme is still memorable.

No 21. Demolition

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    One of the best teams in WWE history, with a theme that is unmistakable. A heavy beat that has good vocals, put the two together and you get a great theme.

No. 20: Kane

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    When this theme rang out through the arena, you knew something bad was going to happen. This is Kane's most recognizable theme and for good reason.

No. 19: Undertaker

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    Just like Kane, Undertaker's theme means something bad is going to happen to someone. This entrance theme will either leave you staring or bobbing your head, either is fine with me.

No. 18: Billy Kidman

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    Not only was Kidman a great wrestler, but he also had a great theme. Try and stop your foot from tapping or your head from bobbing, go ahead I dare you.


No. 17: Gangrel (The Brood)

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    When Gangrel, Edge and Christian form a team, you know the theme must be good. It starts off as mysterious, but quickly builds its way into a foot-tapping beat.


No. 16: Chris Benoit

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    One of the top themes in WWE history, it also has a certain way of pumping you up. It has a unique sound and is unmatched by any other theme.

No. 15: Chris Jericho

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    Maybe it's the countdown, maybe it's the in-your-face sound. Whatever it is, this theme has it, and it makes it great.

No. 14: Road Dogg (New Age Outlaws)

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    Oh, You Didn't Know?

    When those four words came over the T.V. you knew who was coming out. This theme has a way to instantly grab your attention and make you chant along with it.

No. 13: Ultimate Warrior

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    When Warrior came running down the ramp to this theme, it set the perfect atmosphere. It is a good fast-paced song that is unmistakable.

No. 12: Randy Orton (Voices)

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    One of the best themes in the WWE today. The theme fits Randy perfectly and when it hits, everyone stands up and takes notice.

No. 11: NWO

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    The lights flicker on and off. The theme song starts off as static and slowly works its way in. What you get in the end is a head-bobbing theme that is truly awesome.

No. 10: DX

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    Are You Ready...

    It was great back in the day and it was great just a year or two ago. No matter when this theme is played, everyone knows who's coming out and knows that they only have two words for 'em...Attitude Era.

No. 9: Legion of Doom

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    Perhaps the most recognizable theme for a tag team. This theme will live on forever.


No. 8: Hulk Hogan (American)

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    The most patriotic song on the countdown. If you are an American, you will love this theme, it is as simple as that.

No. 7: Goldberg

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    The beat of this theme is awesome. It just screams powerhouse and is awesome.

    Oh yeah, did I say it was awesome?

No. 6: RVD

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    He is one of a kind and the crowd chants with him, R.V.D. This song has everything: crowd interaction, good lyrics, good beat and great sound.

No. 5: Triple H

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    Triple H is one of the greatest superstars in the business and will go down in history. His theme song will probably follow him into the history books as well.

No. 4: Edge

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    Just because he retired does not mean we can't remember his theme. It was one of the top themes in the WWE and always got a crowd reaction. Edge and his theme will live on in the WWE forever.

No. 3: Eddie Guerrero

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    One of the best themes in the last 20 years. There is not much to say about this theme, just listen.

No. 2: The Rock

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    The Rock has a huge following and has left his mark on the WWE forever. His theme excites the crowd like no other, well almost like no other.


    The Rock is second only to...

No. 1: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

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    The Texas Rattlesnake!

    Every time his theme plays, the crowd goes insane. The WWE Universe loves Stone Cold and always will.

The End

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    To be successful in the WWE it is important to have a great theme. All of these themes and superstars have left their mark on the WWE.

    Agree with my list?

    Think you have a better one?

    Leave your comments below.

    Thanks for reading.


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