TNA: 11 Things They Should Consider Doing

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 8, 2011

TNA: 11 Things They Should Consider Doing

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    TNA has been around for almost nine years now. A lot has changed in those nine long years. Different people have come and gone and stars were born.

    TNA has changed a lot. From the roster to The iMPACT! Zone itself.

    Some change was for the better but some for the worse.

    I created a list of 11 things that TNA should consider doing.

    Here's the list:

Bring Back the Six Sided Ring

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    This isn't such a big difference for someone who just started watching TNA or doesn't watch it at all.

    Why's the shape of the ring matter?

    The six sides was TNA's identity. It was bigger than the usual four sided ring and was a breath of fresh air. The ring looked bigger and less crowded.

    Longtime TNA fans, such like myself and even TNA originals prefer the six sided ring.

Travel More Often

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    A TNA House Show

    TNA wants to expand their audience? They have to reach out and find them by hitting the road more often.

    Besides, it changes the setting for once. The iMPACT! Zone is cool and all but sometimes you need to get away from home.

    When TNA went to North Carolina in March it felt like a new atmosphere. The crowd was bigger, the entrance ramp and megatrons were really cool looking.

    Even the picture of this house show looks like a good place to be sometime. 

    TNA talks about change but not one person talks about changing location.

    Hitting the road may expand your audience and be a breath of fresh air when it comes to the setting.

Bring Back the World X Cup

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    Okay so, who doesn't love the World X Cup?

    It's great.

    There is four teams of four all representing different countries. 

    The last World X Cup was held in 2008 and featured Team USA, Team Mexico, Team Japan and Team International.

    The tournament was won by Team Mexico.

    This tournament allowed for a showcase of the X Division and a chance to see wrestlers you've never seen before.

    Sometimes after the tournament some of the participants in the tournament may stick around and get a TNA contract. Sheik Abdul Bashir and Doug Williams were both parts of Team International in 2008 and landed roster spots in TNA.

Sign New X Division Talent

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    People say that the X Division is dead or about to die.

    I say, no. The X Division is not dead. It's alive and well. The only problem with the X Division is that they aren't given a proper chance.

    That is exactly what Brian Kendrick said when he confronted Bischoff on the last episode of iMPACT!

    After seeing the X Division revolt against Bischoff it makes me wonder. Is TNA going to revamp the division?

    There is great talents available. 

    TNA just has to scan the Indies and reach out to people they're impressed with.  

Sign New Female Talent

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    In my opinion, the Knockout Division is weaker than the X Division. Most people wouldn't agree but that's because we constantly see them and don't get enough of the X Division.

    Anyways, a lot of women have left TNA in the past year or so.

    If you look at the picture you can see that 12 of the women pictured are no longer with TNA. Most of them were talented too.

    Alissa Flash, Daffney, Awesome Kong, Sojo Bolt, Hamada, Taylor Wilde and ODB are people who should've been champions if they hadn't been already. TNA dropped the ball with them and they walked away.

    Some are still available and we've actually seen some former Knockouts recently on iMPACT!

    Alissa Flash, ODB and Roxxi all accepted Madison Rayne's open challenges but jobbed to the queen.

    The current Knockouts roster is very slim. 

    There is Mickie James, Madison Rayne, Tara, Miss Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, Sarita, Rosita, Angelina Love, Winter and Cookie.

Sort out the Main Eventers and Mid-Card Wrestlers

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    There really isn't a boundary between the TV title scene and World title scene. 

    Is The Pope a mid-carder? Is Samoa Joe a mid-carder?

    Both have been away from main eventing in over a year.

    The main eventers should be AJ Styles, Daniels, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, RVD, Mr. Anderson, Sting, Matt Morgan and The Pope.

    The mid-carders should be Gunner, Kazarian, Murphy, Rob Terry and other younger talent.

    AJ Styles went from longest reigning World Champion to mid-card Television Champion in less than a year. That was a dumb move. Have a former world champion sink down to the mid-card scene.

    TNA needs to make visible boundaries between the main eventers and mid-carders.

Defend the TV Title Every Week

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    Television Champion at the time, AJ Styles, said that the TV title will be defended on free TV every week. Not pay-per-view.

    What happened to that?

    During AJ's reign he defended the belt more on PPV than free TV.

    At least TNA has a champion who defended it once on free TV since winning it. Gunner.

    TNA needs to make those boundaries I spoke about on the previous slide and set some opponents for Gunner's title.

    TNA promised it, now I'm waiting for them to deliver a TV title match every week.

Bring Back the Whole F*N Show

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    Remember the Whole F*N Show?

    Not RVD's nickname but the pay-per-view quality show on free television. It happened because Dixie Carter allowed Tommy Dreamer and his hardcore pals to take over the show at Hard Justice.

    That was almost one year ago and I have to wonder if TNA will do another Whole F*N Show.

    It was a great show. No mic time and purely Total Nonstop Action.

    I just wish TNA does this such thing more often.

Bring Back the King of the Mountain Match

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    The last King of the Mountain match was Slammiversary 2009. Slammiversary is the next pay-per-view after Sacrifice and I wonder if TNA will put a KotM match on the card. I sure hope so.

    Those matches are entertaining and something different, something new.

    Imagine a KotM match this year.

    Sting vs. RVD vs. Mr. Anderson vs. AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray.

    It is an interesting concept. Five people and to win you have to climb a ladder and hang the World title belt.

    These matches are vintage TNA matches and work in the X Division and/or the Heavyweight division. I'd love to see TNA continue to carry out with this match type.

Less Pay-Per-Views

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    12 pay-per-views may sound good but it really isn't.

    You have rushed storylines and little build to pay-per-views and the PPVs are only a handful of weeks away.

    TNA can have proper build to storylines and good hype for the shows. TNA PPV buy rates aren't always so good. Maybe it's because they have too many per year.

    The perfect number of PPVs a year would be four.

    The four TNA PPVs I'd choose would be Bound For Glory, Lockdown, Slammiversary and Genesis.

    Genesis means start and would, and is, the perfect PPV to start of a new year.

    Slammiversary is home of the vintage King of the Mountain matches.

    Lockdown is the all cage match classic.

    Bound For Glory is the biggest PPV of the year for TNA.

    If these PPVs are evenly spaced out, TNA can really build some big feuds and properly hype matches and the show.

Air TNA Xplosion

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    It's no secret that TNA has a big roster. Everyone can't be on TV at the same time.

    Solution: Air a second show, TNA Xplosion.

    It is TNA's second show but only airs in the UK, I believe.

    This would be great. TNA can make it their version of Smackdown as their 'B show.' The show can be centered around the X Division and TV Champion.

    It's the perfect solution to the stacked roster. The show will feature lower/mid-carder wrestlers who get no time on iMPACT!

    Every week the main event can be a TV title match. I'd imagine the show to be on a Tuesday so it doesn't compete with WWE. If this were to happen I'd consider it a dream come true.

    Thank you for reading.


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