2011 NHL Playoffs: 25 Hottest Ice Girls of the NHL Playoffs

Bobby Brooks@BrooksBetsAnalyst IIIMay 9, 2011

2011 NHL Playoffs: 25 Hottest Ice Girls of the NHL Playoffs

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    Some NHL teams have dominated the playoffs on the ice, but when it comes to the playoff ice girls, other teams take the prize.

    Each year more teams add and expand on this form of entertainment.  This year you can find full-blown cheerleaders in the stands of Edmonton, on calendars in Los Angeles, and in Santa Claus outfits in Dallas.

    The competition has gotten fiercer every year, and this year was no exception.

    Let's take a look at who made the cut and who is going home.

25: Ashley (Boston Bruins)

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    The Boston Bruins are one of the few teams left standing, and the same goes for the Bruins ice crew.  Ashley is the only member to make the list, but she represents Beantown well. 

    In fact, if Milan Lucic doesn't pick up his game soon, it looks like Ashley is ready to show him how it's done.  She first played on Boston Bruins ice between intermissions when she was eight years old.

24: Cassie (Los Angeles Kings)

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    The Los Angeles Kings might have been without their All-Star forward Anze Kopitar this postseason, but that doesn't mean the team doesn't have a lot more All-Stars to fall back on.

    The first All-Star member of the Kings ice crew is Cassie.  She outlasted fierce competition during the summer auditions and ultimately landed on the swimsuit calendar. 

    She's often compared to Victoria's Secret supermodel Karolina Kurkova, and that's not a bad thing.

23: Lindsay (Anaheim Ducks)

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    One of the biggest questions Anaheim Ducks fans were asking themselves this postseason was whether or not they were seeing the last of Teemu Selanne.

    Thank goodness we don't have the same questions about the Ducks ice crew.  It would be a shame if any of the current squad called it quits, especially Lindsey.

    Did I mention that she's never eaten a hamburger in her life?  No, she's not a vegetarian, but if this is the result of boycotting In-N-Out Burger, we approve!

22: Diana (Tampa Bay Lightning)

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    The Tampa Bay Lightning are among the final four NHL teams competing for the Stanley Cup, but we can't help but wonder if Diana is having an influence on the on-ice officials. 

    Curiously, the ice crew in Tampa Bay dresses up like referees during some games. Would anyone like her to send you to the penalty box? 

    Maybe she should be the one in the box: two minutes for extreme hotness?

21: Ashley (Chicago Blackhawks)

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    Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    The Blackhawks might have suffered from a Stanley Cup hangover this year, but they still boast a championship-caliber team of ice girls.

    But before you get too carried away, know that the Chicago Blackhawks ice crew's Ashley is engaged.  She's also a four-year veteran of the team, so we know the rookies are in good hands.

20: Logan (Nashville Predators)

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    The first Nashville Predators Liquid Ice girl to make the list is Logan.  She is not only a beauty on and off the ice, but she also spends her time getting people in shape as a personal trainer.   We can see that all her hard work has paid off!

    Yes, the team might not win the Stanley Cup this year, but that doesn't mean they aren't a well-rounded organization.  They draft well, have a great coach, and know how to pick their ice girls!

19: Natasha (Phoenix Coyotes)

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    The news just goes from bad to worse for the Phoenix Coyotes.  Yes, it's a shame that the franchise is on the verge of moving to Winnipeg, but the greater crime is that the current Ice Pack team will not follow with them.

    Even if the fans lose the team, it wouldn't be fair to overlook the many contributions the organization has made to the community, including Natasha.

    I'll never look at their jerseys the same way again.

18: Nashville Predators (Swimsuit Photo Shoot)

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    The Nashville Predators have not one, but two, groups of ice girls.  I couldn't possibly give them all their own slides.

    As a tribute to their commitment to the ice girls community, I present you with a behind-the-scenes look at their calendar shoot.

17: Ashley (Washington Capitals)

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    There might be a lot of doom and gloom in Washington these days, but on the bright side they do have one of the cuter ice girls in the NHL in their midst.  Ashley isn't the only up-and-coming team member in the organization, but she does seem to have the highest upside.

    It's only a matter of time before the Capitals win a championship and that is good news for the rest of us, because more Washington hockey means more camera time for Ashley.

16: Annie (Pittsburgh Penguins)

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    The recent addition of the Pittsburgh Penguins ice crew did not come without its fair share of controversy.  Apparently the blue-collar Pennsylvania faithful would rather pay good money to see hard work and grit rather than glitz and glitter.  

    There might be something to that because the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the few NFL teams that does not have cheerleaders, but with members like Annie leading the way, it's possible that the new change in attitude is a good one.

15: Chasity (Nashville Predators)

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    The Nashville Predators are well-known for their ability to draft new talent, but who knew that this trend applied to the ice crew as well? 

    Chasity made her debut on the team this year and she gave us a quick video to illustrate a day in the life of an ice girl on game day.

    The one complaint I have is that the clip is only 90 seconds long.

14: Candice (Anaheim Ducks)

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    Candice is likely the prototypical Anaheim Ducks ice girl.  Otherwise known as "Candy", she represents everything sweet and dreamlike in the Golden State of California.  

    She is a self-confessed fanatic of everything Disney, and we know that isn't a company line because Disney sold the team many moons ago.

13: Cystal (Nashville Predators)

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    Earlier in our list, we saw a 90-second clip of Nashville Predators first-year ice girl Chasity.   I am pleased to present you with another member of the team with a video twice as long with twice the hotness!

    The fact that her favorite movie is Rambo earned her at least two extra spots on this list as well.

12: Michelle (Los Angeles Kings)

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    Ho-hum, another hot Los Angeles Kings ice girl.

    If you didn't realize that comment was sarcasm, you'll figure it out after you see the photo.

    That is assuming you are reading any of the slides.

    But don't worry, no one is going to blame you if you aren't.

11: Maranda (Nashville Predators)

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    It's true that this ice girl's favorite music artist is Dolly Parton, but the only pair I'm interested in is the two talents that Maranda currently holds. 

    It's also a good thing that she finally got her day in the sun because she's a seven-year veteran of the squad.

    She's an ice girl by day, and a beach model by night, and this Predators standout is poised to give Carrie Underwood a run for her money in the city of Nashville.

10: Becky (Chicago Blackhawks)

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    The Chicago Blackhawks might have a great one-two punch with Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, but Becky joins fellow ice-crew member Ashley to form another formidable dynamic duo of their own. 

    The only question we have is: Who deserves more of the spotlight? 

    I know where my votes lies. What about you?

9: Debbie (Los Angeles Kings)

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    I debated whether I should put up Debbie's video or photo for this slide.  I don't think many will be disappointed by the choice.

    The Kings might have changed their colors years ago, but Debbie rocks it old school by bringing back the busty purple.  It really accentuates the diamond-studded crown, huh?

8: Amanda (Anaheim Ducks)

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    If there was an All-Star game for the ice girls of the NHL, it would be hard to argue with an all-Anaheim Ducks starting lineup.  It is even rumored that Hall of Famer Scott Niedermayer had a hard time retiring because of girls like Amanda.

    OK, so maybe he didn't, but would you blame him if it was true?

    Amanda is a self-confessed Twitter addict, and we confess we are addicted to her.

7: Carrlyn (Los Angeles Kings)

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    Most readers on the internet skim through most of the content they come across online.  They like quick access and an easy read.

    If you are one such reader and skipped all the previous videos, I suggest you watch the rest of the clips from this point forward.

    Carrlyn shows us why we often leave up our calendars past their due date.

6: Liszt (Anaheim Ducks)

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    Not to be confused by ice girls teammate Amanda, Liszt brings her own unique blend of flavor and spice to our list.

    Her online biography also reveals that she is a lot more than just a pretty face.  She's majored in psychology and social behavior and was named after the Hungarian pianist Franz Liszt. 

    Yet, despite her cultured background, her favorite music artist is still Lady Gaga.

    Who would have thought?

5: Nikki (Los Angeles Kings)

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    If the LA Kings ice crew was a hockey team, Nikki would be one of those All-Star players on the second line stuck behind a superstar.   There is so much team depth on this squad that I'm running out of superlatives to describe them.

    Let's skip the tidbits and enjoy all that she brings to the table (and the chair).  Wow.

4: Kendra (Pittsburgh Penguins)

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    There are two things wrong with this photo and neither of them are Kendra.

    First, Mario Lemieux no longer plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Second, the Pens Patrol has been replaced with a new-and-improved ice crew. 

    However, I couldn't possibly make a list of ice girls without including retired Pens Patrol member Kendra.   The exception is well deserved as she gracefully sails off into the ice girls Hall of Fame.

3: Anaheim Ducks (Swimsuit Calendar Shoot)

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    Would it be fair to include a group video for the Nashville Predators and not the Anaheim Ducks?

    I didn't think so either, especially given how much better this one is.

    Now I know why front-row tickets cost extra in Anaheim.

2: Denise (Nashville Predators)

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    Some say that Nashville isn't a traditional hockey market, but from where I'm sitting, they seem to be doing everything right.

    With Denise, they not only hit another home run, but they managed to seriously challenge for the top spot on this list.  The only thing holding her back was the absence of a swimsuit video.

    If one ever surfaces, we might have to come back and rewrite history.

1: Gabby (Los Angeles Kings)

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    If this list was in a playoff format, the Nashville Predators and Anaheim Ducks would have pushed the Los Angeles Kings to seven games, but at the end of the day, it wasn't enough to knock them out of the top spot.

    Swimsuit calendar covergirl Gabby rose above the competition and is the main reason why Kings fans have never complained about the TV timeout.

    The only remaining question is: Does she have what it takes for a repeat next season?