Why I Think Christian Will Leave the WWE Sooner Rather Than Later

Joel GarciaContributor IIMay 7, 2011

Christian holding up the World Heavyweight Championship
Christian holding up the World Heavyweight Championship

How are you doing, fellow Bleachers?

I am back to give you my thoughts on Randy Orton winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Christian. 

Now as we all know, Christian won the then-vacant World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules. Now this was an emotional win for Christian, because he has not won a championship of this calibre in his entire run in the WWE.....and no, this does not include the ECW Championship.

With the retirement of Edge, it was a great way for Christian to rise through the ranks of the WWE. Now recently with the Draft happening, Randy Orton was traded to the blue side.

This past Smackdown featured a match between Orton and Christian, and I personally thought Christian's reign as champion was going to be longer, but boy, was I wrong.

Orton picked up the win and thus it's going to be another Age of Orton, so to speak.

Now on to the topic at hand: Christian time and time again has been screwed from the championship picture, because of one man. Yes we all know his name. Vince McMahon.

I don't know what personal beef/non personal beef he has with Christian, but what I do know is that Vince does not see Christian as championship material.

Christian is always a favourite with the crowds and is one heck of an entertainer as we all know. So why does Vince not see this? Why does Vince not see the potential that could come from Christian?

Is this all because of Christian taking a break from the WWE and shipping over to TNA for a while, is that Vince's reasoning. Because if that is so, then that is complete rubbish. Christian came back to the WWE, didn't he?

Sometimes I wonder why Christian continues to stay with the WWE, I mean the crowd experience of it all must be exhilarating for him each and every time he steps out into the ring, but it's what happens the behind the scenes that I wonder about.

I know there is a writer who is a supporter of Christian, but that is not enough for Christian to get the push he so truly deserves.

Its because of all this backstage nonsense and the way Christian is being brought up to be a mid-card superstar is the reason I think he gonna depart the WWE sooner rather than later.

Okay guys that's it from me,
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