WWE News: 10 Possible Storylines for Kharma in WWE

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistMay 8, 2011

WWE News: 10 Possible Storylines for Kharma in WWE

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    Since her arrival in WWE, it's safe to say that Kharma has definitely made an impact.

    Pun intended.

    TNA's loss is WWE's gain, as the most physically dominating woman to set foot in a pro wrestling ring is now officially living in the house that McMahon built.

    Why exactly did TNA let her just walk away again?

    No matter the reason, the fact is that if everything goes well, Kharma will be a big time Superstar in WWE.  No one is better at showcasing talent and getting them over, and no one is better equipped to handle a talent as unique as Kharma.

    So, where does she go from here?  Will she continue her rampage through the women of WWE, and if so, where does it all lead?  What lies ahead for Kharma?

    Let's speculate, shall we? 

Kharma Continues to Attack the Female Heels of WWE

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    In what was a fairly surprising move to me, Kharma's first order of business seems to be attacking the naughty women of WWE.

    I suppose it is happening to get some immediate reaction from the fans.  After all, for as many who knew her as Kong, there may be just as many who have never seen her before. 

    So, if that is the case, why not use her as a face upon her introduction to television?  I have to say, I do see the logic in this.

    For every woman in WWE who has stood up and arrogantly broken the rules, dismissing the crowd at every turn, there is your usual response from the women on the other side of the fence.  "Think you're better, I don't think so, let's have a match."  It is the expected answer, the usual plan for two workers who have a disagreement.

    But now there's Kharma.  Her character doesn't believe she's better.  She knows it.  There is only one official bada** left in the women's division.  And she is currently running through every heel in her path.

    Is it a cheap tactic to get her over by making her face?  Possibly.  But, I don't believe that anyone can argue with the results thus far.

Kharma Begins Attacking the Babyface Women of WWE

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    I have to say, I think it's only a matter of time before this happens.

    Yes, making Kharma a baby right off the bat virtually guarantees her a pop from the crowd.  Fans are suckers for the next big attraction who busts a few heads that really deserve it.

    But, when she eyed Kelly Kelly on RAW, it looked as though she were contemplating whether or not to attack her.  Could this seemingly insignificant moment be a sign of something bigger?

    To tell the truth, I am more than a little surprised that this has not happened already.

    I believed that when her WWE TV career began, Kharma would indiscriminately attack any woman who happened to be in her way.  A female version of Stone Cold, if you will.

    But that didn't happen.  So why not?  What are they waiting for?

    I know it's just the first week, but if she keeps laying out female heels at this pace, she will run through half of her competition in no time.  Then what?  She changes direction and begins dissecting the women who are babyfaces.

    By the time she is done, there will be no one left, and she would have truly conquered the WWE women's division.

Kharma Versus Beth Phoenix

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    This is the one that fans seem to be waiting for.

    Since her WWE debut back in 2006, Beth Phoenix has been pushed as the Alpha Female of the women's division.  Not since Chyna had there been that kind of work put into a woman in that company.

    No one could touch her in terms of raw strength, and her dominance over every WWE Diva she faced was never questioned.

    Those days are over.

    This matchup seems destined to happen.  Like Goldberg versus Brock Lesnar, Kharma versus Phoenix would be two brute forces clashing to see which one would give first.  Imagine a couple of fully loaded semi-trucks going 90 miles an hour, directly at each other.

    Who would win in that epic confrontation?  The fans, no doubt about it.

Kharma Renews Her Rivalry with Gail Kim

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    When Kharma was known as Awesome Kong in TNA, she and Gail Kim had a nice little feud.

    Kim is the perfect opponent for Kharma in a lot of ways, not the least of which is the obvious size difference. 

    Kharma's power and strength can not be matched by Kim, so her speed and agility is used to her advantage.  After all, with a worker the size of Kharma, a faster competitor is generally a good idea, in order to keep the action fast and up tempo.  In this way, it's very similar to Kane versus Rey Mysterio.

    It would be good to see these two mix it up again, and if Kharma continues on her destructive path through the WWE Divas, it's probably bound to happen sooner or later.  Or is it?

    This is a feud not born in WWE, but TNA.  So will WWE stay away from it?  Typically, if it's not Vince McMahon's idea, he wants nothing to do with it.

    However, if these two did begin a new feud, the fact that they are already familiar with each other need not be talked about.  And it won't.  WWE programming mentioning that little nugget on the air is like recognizing that there is a pro wrestling organization on the planet other than themselves.

    And that's probably not going to happen.

Kharma Wins the WWE Divas Championship

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    This one seems like a foregone conclusion.

    When a performer as dominating as Kharma enters a promotion, the road to the top is almost always instantly guaranteed.  The top prize in the women's division is the Divas Championship.

    Think they're already adding an extension so the belt fits around her waist?

    To be honest, this should be the Women's Championship we're talking about.  Calling Kharma a Diva just does not seem to fit to me.  Kharma's character completely shatters every preconceived idea WWE has ever devised when it comes to what a Diva is in that company.

    But we have to deal in facts.  And the fact is that the WWE Divas Title, at some point, will be handed to Kharma.  She should then deface the belt, nWo style, putting her own stamp on the women's division.

    Better yet, a new, updated championship belt could be created specifically for Kharma.  She is a unique talent, and deserves a unique title belt.

Kharma Enters the Men's Division

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    With the obvious comparisons to Chyna, many fans are left wondering how long it will be before Kharma begins working men in WWE.

    For me, if it happens, it needs to wait a while.

    Kharma has to be established as a female performer first and foremost, her dominance over the division cannot be in question.  But after that happens?

    It is very possible that she could begin wrestling men.  But if it happens, WWE would have to be very careful.

    Chyna's heyday with WWE happened during the Attitude era.  Violence against women was an accepted concept, with her being physically in the mix on a weekly basis.  She fit right in due to her image and association with DX.  It made sense for her to begin wrestling men after she had conquered every Diva placed before her.

    But in the more PG, kid friendly John Cena era of WWE, Kharma getting manhandled by the opposite sex may not fly.  And let's be honest here.  Not every male performer would be okay with getting pinned by a woman.

    Why?  Because it threatens their manhood?  Possibly.  But for me, the bigger issue is the fans' perception of reality.

    Big Show has beaten a lot of super heavyweights in his time.  How silly would it look for a guy who has pinned Kane and Undertaker, to get pinned by a woman?

    And on that note...

Kharma Slams the Big Show

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    Sound impossible?  Not at all.

    Let's be honest, Big Show gets picked up all the time.  He shouldn't.  But he does.  And every time he does, the crowd pops like crazy. 

    It's a novelty sight, a guy 450-plus pounds getting hoisted up off his feet.  It seems to be the go-to event when WWE needs a big-time impact on the program.  What could be bigger than Kharma, a woman, being the one responsible?

    It can happen.  Physically speaking, all he has to do is jump, and she uses the momentum to carry him over.  That is the definition of a bodyslam, and it is no different for a woman than it is for a man.

    Hogan slamming Andre?  Big time moment in WWE history, no doubt. 

    Kharma slamming Show—perhaps just as big?  I guess we will have to decide that if it happens.

Kharma Wins a Men's Divsion Championship

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    If Kharma does indeed enter the men's division of WWE, how likely is it that she will go over for a championship?

    Chyna did it with the Intercontinental Title, the first and only woman to do so.  Again, the physical comparisons between the two women are there.  The timing seems to be right for Kharma to rip the Diva's division in half, and after that, she has to go somewhere.

    Perhaps the IC Title or the United States Title is in Kharma's future.

    Even better, perhaps a WWE Tag Team Championship with a man is a possibility.  Mixed tag matches would take on a whole new meaning, and would actually make them important.

    This could eventually lead to a new concept, a mixed tag team championship title.  The potential ideas surrounding Kharma's character are endless to me.  Hopefully WWE sees this as well.

    Because, if not...

Kharma Becomes Santino Marella's New Girlfriend

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    This could happen.

    Like Beth Phoenix before her, the time may come when WWE has nothing left for Kharma to do.  And if that day comes, Santino Marella and his unibrow are ready and waiting for her.

    Let's get this straight, Santino Marella has value, he has a place on the program and in WWE.  But this little angle has played out way too often.

    A woman, with seemingly nothing in common with Cobra Commander, falls head over heels for his silly finishing move and inability to pronounce names properly.

    Next thing you know, the two are inseparable, and she is saving his neck at every turn.  Can you picture Kharma throwing a beaten and bruised Santino over her shoulder as she carries him back to the locker room?

    I can, and it scares the crap out of me.  Being reduced to the same tried old gimmick is not right, and Kharma deserves a lot more.  But that image is beginning to become burned in my mind.

    Think this can't happen?  Think again.

Kharma Ends Up with Nothing

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    I hate this one.  Pains me to think about it.  But, the truth is that no matter how many different promotions that Kharma has worked for over the years, the wrestling world at large may see her only as a former TNA talent.

    If that is the case, then I worry for her future in WWE.  The reason, of course, is that Vince McMahon does not have a good track record of utilizing former TNA talent to their fullest potential.

    In other words, if you worked as a main eventer for Jeff Jarrett, then you're lucky to be a curtain jerker for Vince McMahon.

    Kharma is a one of a kind presence in the business.  She has the look, she has the ability, and with the full marketing machine of WWE behind her, the sky is the limit.

    There are two ways her potential legacy in the business can go.

    One is she will be remembered for her dominance, her unique contribution to the business as a true powerhouse female who destroyed every wrestler in her path.

    Or the other way, she will be thought of as nothing more than a novelty act, a sideshow freak who ends up spending the twilight of her unfulfilled career taking bookings at the state fair.

    What does the future hold for Kharma?  A monster career or a monster disappointment?