Premier League 2010/11: 5 Disappointments This Season

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIIMay 8, 2011

Premier League 2010/11: 5 Disappointments This Season

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    While this season has seen many players improve, other players who have previously demonstrated skill have slipped down, due to various reasons. It has been a disappointment to witness, though the silver lining is the fact that other players have stepped through.

     The players on this list are players who I feel have declined this season, due to many factors. I am not saying that any of these players are dead and buried- they aren't.

     This list is only my opinion, I hope you enjoy it.

5. Steven Gerrard

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    As a Liverpool fan, this is a personal blow. The taslismanic skipper, Captain Fantastic, Mr. Liverpool- the list goes on. Yet this season, due to injury, he has only racked up 21 appearances in the League for Liverpool, which is the lowest he has ever managed, level with his debut season in a Liverpool shirt.

     When he has played, at times Steven has been brilliant. One need only recall a hat trick in a substitute performance against Napoli to convince themselves of that.

     However, due to frustration of not playing, Gerrard has also been making rash challenges, which a captain should not be making, especially in big games against Manchester United.

     Injured until the end of the season, Gerrard has really been a let down for me.

4. Robbie Keane

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    Hold it. Let me explain.

    Robbie Keane was exceptional for me last season, and to see him crumble this season has been hard. His touch has deterioted, his finishing askew. How many times he has missed opportunities this season that he would have scored last season, I don't know.

     Hence his loan move to West Ham, where he still looks out of place and does not start. For me personally, Keane demonstrated all the values necessary for a top-quality striker, but now, he doesn't. I am almost at the point of comparing him with Andrey Voronin, it's that bad.

3. Joe Cole

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    Being a Liverpool fan, when first news came that Liverpool had signed Joe Cole, I was over the moon. Cole has something- that edge- that most English players don't seem to have. He has always been a good player for me, and a player that is under rated, in my opinion.

     His debut for Liverpool didn't go as planned. A red card in his first half, not a brilliant way to start. However, he got steadily worse as time wore on. He has not found that goal scoring ability I know he has, which Liverpool were in dire need of, at least a few months back.

     Aside from a last minute winner at Anfield against Bolton, Joe Cole hasn't given the red army something to cheer about.

     For me, the most annoying thing is this: we all know he is a great player, it's just a matter of time. On to time, then. Cole isn't getting much of it, and he's running out of it. Is one of my favourite players set to leave Liverpool?

2. Francesc Fabregas

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    Transfer speculation surrounds this man almost as much as girls surround me. Fine, just transfer speculation then.

     Francesc Fabregas is a brilliant player, no doubt about it. How many players have played in all the competitions this man has, at such a young age? Not many. His passing ability is brilliant, his knowledge of the game second-to-none.

     Cesc Fabregas has not been bad this season, he just hasn't been as good as he usually is, which is a shame to all Gunners fans. He has only racked up 25 League appearances this season, scoring only 3 goals. To put that into perspective, Jack Wilshere has appeared 32 times in this years League for Arsenal- and he's 19 (and very, very good).

     Whether he will go this season I don't know, but I don't think so. Another one of my favourite players, I hope he 'gets better soon'.

1. Fernando Torres

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    Given this man's performances this season, his place on this list has become inevitable as the campaign wore on. A brilliant striker, when on form, the best in the world, who, this season, has been a mere shadow of his former self.

    Statistic for you:

    This season, Fernando Torres has scored 10 goals. His lowest before that, was 17 goals.

    Generally, players peak at around 27, which is how old 'El Nino' is. Yet, Torres has declined. His form has dropped, his confidence lowered (though he says it hasn't) and he has gone from a Starter to a Sub (however, he has moved from Liverpool to Chelsea). I'm sure he will peak again, and when he does, he will be feared once more, and this -hopefully- minor blip forgotten.


Thumbs Up Guys, Thanks for Reading

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    Alright guys, hope you enjoyed that. Writing for you has been a pleasure, as always. As they say, always a pleasure, never a chore.

     Any improvements or disagreements? Comment, all I want to do is improve.

     Thanks for reading, lads.