College Football 2011: Hottest Coeds of the New Big Ten

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIMay 9, 2011

College Football 2011: Hottest Coeds of the New Big Ten

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    While professional football has its throng of wild and hungry fans who live for the scent of the pigskin, it is incomparable to college football's loyal melting pot of sexy coeds.

    Reminiscent of a game of Where's Waldo, media blimps often scan the crowd to find the hottest girls hiding in the sea of screaming fans.

    The search was the most difficult on September 4, 2010, when 113,090 people attended a game at Michigan Stadium.

    While it set the modern attendance record for college football, one can only imagine how many coeds were undiscovered on that fateful day.

    With Michigan offering a great opportunity for sexy fans to get exposure, let's explore the rest of the conference.

    Here is a list of the sexiest coeds in the Big Ten.


12. Indiana's Pregame Ritual

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    This appears to be a pregame ritual in which fans show their posteriors to the opposing team as they exit the locker room.

    With Indiana University finishing 5-7 (1-7 Big Ten) in 2010, it needs all the help it can get.

    The Hoosiers are a team in transition, so give them time, which shouldn't be hard considering their sexy crowd.

Indiana's Celebrity Fan

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    Losing Ben Chappell and Tandon Doss definitely hurts the Hoosiers' offense, but seemingly gaining Alyssa Milano as a fan only lightens the blow.

    Head coach Kevin Wilson has this team thinking big with a new attitude.

    Milano's got them thinking better appeal.

11. Nice Badgers

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    While the girl on the left is more worried about the camera, the other fan is serenading her peers with Badgers theme music.

    Finishing 11-2 (7-1 Big Ten) last year, the Badgers will rely more heavily on James White and Montee Ball and their five yards per carry this season, especially with John Clay gone.

    These girls are naturally excited.

Wisconsin Farmer's Tan

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    While she might be too excited, this Badgers cheerleader is clearly focused.

    Either that or she just got electrocuted.

    The Badgers have some holes to fill on this year's squad but are poised to finish with at least 10 wins this season.

10. We Are Gophers

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    The University of Minnesota cheerleaders look remarkably happy considering the Gophers finished 3-9 (2-6 Big Ten) in 2010.

    However, with MarQueis Gray under center, the sky is the limit, and these girls know it.

    Jerry Kill sent his best scouts on a search for these cheerleaders.

Minnesota Mowing

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    The great thing about the Minnesota cheerleaders is that they also mow the stadium lawn when the game is over.

    These multi-talented girls make Gophers games consistently exciting and mouthwatering.

    Stay classy, Minnesota.

9. Nittany Lions Ready to Roar

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    This Penn State cheerleader is happy for running back Silas Redd, who averaged 5.68 yards per carry in limited action last season.

    Ready to be the main guy in the rushing attack, expect Redd to make the cheerleaders smile all season long.

Penn State Smile

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    She finds it hilarious that analysts question the quarterback position of the Nittany Lions in 2011.

    With Robert Bolden and Matt McGloin both experienced and a handful of other talent competing for the spot this year, Penn State should have a solid corps of men under center.

    This cheerleader couldn't be more optimistic.

Penn State

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    Meet the teacher who the Nittany Lions players actually want to study for.

    While she's the only one not willing to pass them without merit, she somehow convinces her students to work hard in her class.

    Doesn't seem too bad.

8. Northwestern Reality

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    Don't look so sad. Vince Browne is back, which should be great for the defensive line.

    Having Brian Peters and Jordan Mabin back in the secondary should alleviate some of your pain as well.

    Look for the Wildcats to rely heavily on quarterback Dan Persa.

    This cheerleader seems to be a realist.

She's a Wildcat

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    Don't let the classy attire fool you—this Northwestern girl loves the pigskin.

    After rupturing his Achilles against Iowa last year, Persa seems poised to carry this team and prove to his beautiful fans that he deserves one date.

    However, running back Mike Trumpy might have to pick up some of the load on offense if Persa is distracted by this sexy fan.

7. Iowa Insight

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    This was unquestionably the night following Marcus Coker's 219-yard performance against Missouri in the Insight Bowl.

    That, combined with his 7.78 yards per carry against Ohio State, is proof that he can carry the rushing load for Iowa.

    After finishing 8-5 (4-4 Big Ten) last year, the Hawkeyes will also look for Marvin McNutt to solidify the receiving corps.

    These girls are excited.

A Hawk Without Eyes

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    While she is naturally ecstatic about Iowa's chances at a Big Ten title next year, she should calm down, because the defense is still a question mark.

    With Adrian Clayborn, Karl Klug and Christian Ballard all gone, the defensive line appears to be decimated.

    Tyler Nielsen and James Morris back at two linebacker spots should help, but the cheerleaders might have to play a bigger role.

6. Cornhusking at Its Best

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    With 32 touchdowns last year, sophomore quarterback Taylor Martinez is ready to improve and is excited to see his sexy fans crowding the stands.

    The loss of Roy Helu Jr. hurts, but the warmth and support of these loyal girls should help.

    After finishing 10-4 (6-3 Big 12) in 2010, the Cornhuskers join the Big Ten this season.

Nebraska Is Poised

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    This cheerleader should help relieve some of the pain of a tough schedule for the Cornhuskers in 2011.

    With 10 wins last year, look for Nebraska to challenge for the Legends Division and conference title this year.

    She's not worried.

5. MSU Ink

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    While this Spartans cheerleader is less seductive than the previous slides' girls, she is just as loyal with the logo on her face.

    It's safe to say that she got a real tattoo of the same logo hours after this game.

These Are Spartans

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    Look for the Spartans to have another successful year behind a beautiful cheerleading squad, but not as good as last year's 11 wins.

    The girls are ready to pump their fists and wave those flags.

    Spartans fans are ready to watch them cheer all season.

Michigan State Beauty

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    While their dorm rooms may be uncomfortably small, their loyalty is far from it.

    After going 11-1 (7-1 Big Ten) last year, the Spartans will look to improve with Kirk Cousins back under center and Edwin Baker and Le'Veon Bell sharing the rushing duties.

    And twins...

4. Sexy Illini

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    While Nathan Scheelhaase can pass and run when necessary, the Fighting Illini are counting more on their sexy fanbase to distract opponents just long enough to open up some holes along the line.

    In losing Mikel Leshoure, Martez Wilson and Corey Liuget to the NFL, they also received a new class of beautiful coeds to keep the players hungry.

    After finishing 7-6 (4-4 Big Ten) in 2010, look for Illinois to improve its record to 8-4 or even 9-3 in 2011.

Illinois Is Heaven

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    Jason Ford will take over at the running back position and is pleased with his insignificant role as fan watcher.

    With Scheelhaase doing most of the running from under center, Ford can focus on the loyal fans who prepare hard for every game.

3. Ohio State Wide Eyes

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    While her team did win 12 games last year, this cheerleader better be prepared for one or two losses during the suspensions.

    They would've been wins otherwise.

    With a tough conference schedule, look for Ohio State to end up with nine wins.

    These doubts won't affect the cheerleading squad or the fans.

Buckeyes Are Open

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    It's obvious why quarterback Terrelle Pryor stayed for his senior season.

    With a plethora of beautiful fans walking around campus, Pryor will have plenty of entertainment during his suspension.

    Dan Herron will return at running back after his suspension as well.

Ohio Straight

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    It's unclear what toy is in this fan's hands, but we know that it will keep her busy during the first five games, when the Buckeyes will be faced with big suspensions.

    With a tough start to the season, Ohio State will be salivating to get its suspended starters back.

2. Purdue Please

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    After going 4-8 (2-6 Big Ten) last year, look for the Boilermakers to finish a game or two better with an influx of sexy cheerleaders.

    Unfortunately, the defense is going to struggle without Ryan Kerrigan rushing the passer.

    Kerrigan is going to be playing on Sundays starting next season.

    This cheerleader hopes the NFL is in her future as well.

Boiler and Makers

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    The Boilermakers have two potent signal-callers in prolific passer Robert Marve and exciting runner Rob Henry.

    All they need is this girl to play running back in a three-player shotgun set.

    She should easily distract the defense while one of the two quarterbacks runs for the score.

    The perfect game plan has been concocted.

1. All This Mishigas

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    This cheerleader is in the process of teaching Denard Robinson how to properly look off the safety while throwing in the pocket.

    With superb form and a keen sense of the pocket, this girl seems ready to take over after Robinson bolts for the NFL.

    Her sexy smile is enough.

Michigan Credo

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    While we will avoid the temptation for an easy joke this sign presents, it is a certainty that those Wolverines love seeing these girls on the sideline every game.


    The sign is just a plus.

Wolverines Are Wild

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    If new head coach Brady Hoke wants to make a statement with his team, he will put this picture on the chalkboard to let his players see who they are letting down if they lose.

    With a record of 7-6 (3-5 Big Ten) in 2010, the Wolverines got lucky to have quarterback Denard Robinson come back.

    While the addition of this fan was the biggest offseason transaction, DC Greg Mattison being added to the staff will certainly help.