WWE News: Former Superstar Gregory Helms Involved in Motorcycle Incident

Colonel SteeleAnalyst IMay 6, 2011

Shane Helms, better known as Gregory Helms or The Hurricane during his tenure in WWE, was involved in a motorcycle incident on Thursday night, supposedly leaving him and his girlfriend Karen "seriously injured." However, Matt Hardy, a close companion of the former Cruiserweight Champion, stated on Twitter that both were recuperating perfectly fine.

PWInsider reports that Helms suffered a broken leg and ankle, claiming additional injuries may have been sustained.

The accident reportedly occurred near the couple's home in North Carolina and seems to be a devastating one, although I have to admit that Shane and Karen are lucky that nothing worse happened, as vehicle-related accidents are one of the biggest killers in modern society.

Helms has been wrestling on the independent circuit ever since his release from WWE in 2010, where he spent the majority of his time on ECW using the Hurricane gimmick, which he portrayed for several years prior to the adoration of the fans.

Helms was rather talented, although he wasn't the kind of wrestler McMahon saw big things for. His small stature only really led to a couple of Cruiserweight title reigns, along with a few other championships in the form of European, Hardcore and Tag Team titles. He was in a team with Rosey, cousins with the late Umaga and took on the role as "Batman and Robin," a superhero duo with him.

Here's hoping that Shane and Karen make a swift recovery.