Greg Jennings: Is He the Best Wide Receiver in the NFL?

asdfasdf asdfasdfSenior Analyst IOctober 15, 2008

He's not the fastest receiver in the NFL, nor is he the best route runner.

But Greg Jennings flat-out gets it done.

Once thought to be a product of a Brett Favre-led offense, Jennings has proved to be no fluke, and this season alone, he might be the best receiver in the league.

Through the first six weeks of the season, Jennings ranks first in the NFL in receiving yards. Consequently, he's also first in yards per game, eighth in total receptions, and out of receivers with 20 or more receptions he's third to Bernard Berrian and Vincent Jackson. He's also fifth in the league in catches for a first down.

So, is Jennings the best receiver in the NFL this season? Again, he just might be.

Sure, over the long-term a team is likely to take the brilliant abilities of a Randy Moss or Terrell Owens, or the potential of a Calvin Johnson. But this season alone, Jennings is putting up the best statistical season, and has become a favorite target of first-year starter Aaron Rodgers.

In a pass-happy offense that has been devoid of a running game, thanks to the struggles of Ryan Grant, Jennings has accounted for a large amount of the Packers' offense.

And, his abilities continue to improve.

Along with young receivers Brandon Marshall, Roddy White, and Larry Fitzgerald, Jennings has emerged among a new crop of receivers that is short on words, but spectacular on the field.

A soft-spoken second year pick out of Western Michigan, Jennings is also a soft-spoken player. He doesn't dance when he gets into the end zone (aside from the occasional Lambeau Leap).

His speed and ability to get behind defenders seems to catch defenders off guard on a regular basis, just ask Dre Bly, who was left in his dust during Jennings' game-winning reception in overtime against the Broncos last season.

So, while the likes of Fitzgerald, Johnson, or Marshall may have more hype, may be faster, or have a higher vertical leap, Jennings' stats don't lie. He's a prime-time receiver who's only getting better.

Jennings is leading a new crop of receivers for this generation.