What A Lousy Day To Be A Giants Fan

JerseySenior Analyst IOctober 15, 2008

I know I'm a little late on this. You'll have to forgive me: I've been celebrating Sukkos.

At first, all was looking swell. The Cowboys and Redskins had lost. Tony Romo was hurt. And the Giants had one easy opponent coming up.

And they lost. They lost bad. It was brutal. Three picks by Eli. The Giants' awful Monday night history prevailed. It was like last year (pre-playoffs) all over again. Yuck.

Then, the Giants missed out on a golden opportunity to acquire a top-tier tight end. I don't know why the deal fell through, but Tony Gonzalez should have been wearing blue. Or white, whatever. The Giants didn't improve at the deadline.

But you know who did? The Cowboys. I mean, I think it was a bad trade. They gave up too much for a guy who really isn't "the missing piece." I mean, Roy Williams is great and all, much more competent than Patrick Crayton. But the Cowboys already had a very good offense with multiple threats. It's possible the Romo injury forced this to happen, as the team wanted to arm Brad Johnson with as many options as possible. But really, the team needed defensive help (especially with Adam Jones' recent suspension), and Roy isn't that. They gave up quite a bit for this guy; I think they definitely overpaid. But facts are facts: for the time being, they definitely improved, and that does not bode well for the Giants.

Meanwhile, Romo may not miss any time at all. Romo told the Cowboys he wants to play this Sunday. I think it's a bad decision. I don't think he'd be nearly as good as usual (the injury is on his throwing hand), and he may even aggravate the injury, but should he be able to play normally, the Cowboys would be in far greater shape than they were yesterday.

And so, the Giants have very quickly gone from the verge of running away with the division to skating on thin ice. They lost a bad game to bad team, didn't improve at the deadline, and watched their damaged rivals retool. This is not looking so happy, not at all.