Chris Jericho Vs. Shawn Micheals: Only One Way to Settle The Feud

David TaplinContributor IJune 3, 2016

Chris Jericho is the current World Heavyweight Champion and Shawn Micheals had a shot at the world title this rivalry has been going since just after Wrestlemania and it hasn’t gotten old. I think there is only one way to honestly settle this match. Forget trying to maim or disfigure each other its proving which one is better. There is only one way to prove Ironman match.

The ironman match has always brought out the best in both competitors involved. Triple H and The Rock, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar, and Shawn and Bret. The matches these men have had all year have been incredible both are great showmen and have the skills in-ring and on the mic to make this rivalry believable.

I think the only way to settle it is in an ironman match. I think both could go the hour time limit and it would be a match for the ages.

Looking at both men no they aren’t as young as they used to be but I think they could both still go. It could be a match of a lifetime for both superstars. Jericho and Michaels match up so well that any match they have is almost flawless. These two are easily in the top 25 greatest in ring performers of all time and think a 60 minute ironman match would honestly be incredible. I could even care less who won it would just be worth seeing.

Michaels would have the edge with being in an ironman match before and being in that match with Bret Hart, but Jericho wouldn’t be an underdog. Jericho has had many matches with some of the best to ever grace the squared circle. I don’t believe either man has an equal in the WWE right now.

I want one more match and  then the storyline can end and i think the only way to end it is 60 minutes as many falls or submissions as possible...The Ironman Match.