Why QB Jason Campbell Can Surpass Gannon and Take the Oakland Raiders to SB XLVI

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMay 6, 2011

Oakland Raiders QB Jason Campbell will become an elite QB next season!
Oakland Raiders QB Jason Campbell will become an elite QB next season!Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Oakland Raider QB Jason Campbell has weathered through a tough first season with the Silver and Black. Entering his second season he will also begin with a new head coach. It has not been easy at all for the new "field general." In fact, this season, Jason Campbell will be playing under new coach Hue Jackson.

QB Jason Campbell came over to "the darkside" after the Washington Redskins decided Donovan McNabb was to be the new leader of a sinking ship. Funny thing is, by seasons end he was benched and it was dismal for the Redskins. As for Jason Campbell, he actually flourished with the Oakland Raiders and the young corp of wide receivers and stellar tight ends. 

Although his start in Oakland was anything than smooth, Jason Campbell still managed to overcame the fan opposition and distrust. In his first game at home against the St. Louis Rams, QB Jason Campbell was literally "booed" off the field and replaced by QB Bruce Gradkowski. For many QBs in the NFL, this benching would have been a hard swallow and possible loss of motivation.

Fortunately for the Oakland Raiders and then Head Coach Tom Cable, Jason Campbell rebounded. Jason Campbell was given back the reins of the team when backup QB Bruce Gradkowski could not get the wins.

In his first season as an Oakland Raider, QB Jason Campbell scored 13 TD's, passed for 2,387 yards, and had an 84.5 QB rating. Not bad considering he did not play in three of the 16 regular games.

In comparison to another great Raider QB, we look at the first year stats of Rich Gannon who was also picked up after the Kansas City Chiefs made a huge mistake by simply letting him go. Rich Gannon led the KC Chiefs to the playoffs only to benched in favor of the returning Elvis Grbac who basically choked and lost.

In his first year as a Silver and Black QB, Rich Gannon posted 24 TD's, passed for 3,840 yards, and had an 86.5 QB rating. Although Gannon out scored Jason Campbell in the TD area, he also played all games and had a solid running attack alongside some great Oakland Raider wide receivers.

The Oakland Raiders running attack should also be just as fierce. RB Darren McFadden, Michael Bush and Marcel Reece put up some good numbers last season and they will keep the defensive front on the watch until Jason Campbell unleashes the deep threat!

So in reality can the new QB come close to the numbers that Rich Gannon posted come Season 2? The answer of course is YES! How so?

To begin with, the Oakland Raiders have a spectacular chance at becoming the number one rushing team in the NFL. They were rated second best last season and proved their competitiveness when they defeated all AFC West opponents with a perfect 6-0 record. This team was not at all far from the playoffs.

Second ,will be the comfort zone for Jason Campbell. It was pretty obvious that there was a connection when QB Jason Campbell threw to WR Jacoby Ford in the final minutes of the game versus the KC Chiefs and in the end, it was a win for the Silver and Black.

This comfort level for Jason Campbell should profit the Raider offense and the fans can also expect Louis Murphy to step up this season and play hard as he did the season prior. WR Louis Murphy had an injured shoulder but by now that issue is certainly resolved.

Both Louis Murphy and Jacoby Ford at this time are no where near the wide receivers Gannon had.( Tim Brown and Jerry  Rice) They are today's stars and with maturity and good coaching this pair can become lethal. The season also has not started and should the Raiders pick up a veteran like Steve Smith or even Terrell Owens then it is feasible to believe that the Silver and Black can get Superbowl win number four!

Overall Jason Campbell was at one time doubted by many, but that has since changed as he has played very well in the pocket. He has shown that when given the proper protection, he can pretty much throw the pigskin on a wire and get the ball on the player numbers. He rarely throws interceptions and has the brains and maturity to play very similar to Rich Gannon.

This season should be profitable for the Oakland Raiders. Jason Campbell is definitely the future of this team and it is on the arms of Jason Campbell that this Silver and Black offense will shock millions.

The Oakland Raiders are much more complete this season. The defensive front has been saved. Both Tommy Kelly and Richard Seymour will be in the lineup as will the fierce hitting Rolando McClain. There has been speculation that Nnamndi Asomugha will be leaving but in all relevance, he will more than likely stay with the Oakland Raiders.

When QB Jason Campbell began with the Oakland Raiders it was tough to decide if was the future and there was questions around the team as to which QB would be the best? Jason Campbell or Bruce Gradkowski. In the long run, Campbell prevailed and he deserves to take this team to the Superbowl and this writer believes that he can do it. Raiders for Life !