He's Coming to Get You! Why the Boogeyman Is the Greatest Wrestler of All-Time

Steven ElonichCorrespondent IMay 5, 2011

As children, we all feared that shady man hiding in our closets, waiting for us to close our eyes so he could come out and torture us. If we opened the closet, he was definitely under the bed. You couldn't get rid of him, forget him, or ignore him. The thought of him was always there, although he was never seen. The WWE gave us an image, they gave us the Boogeyman.

Let's take a look at the trademarks that the Boogeyman owns:

He eats worms, sings nursery rhymes, smashes clocks on his head, shows up in closets at obscure moments, scares the hell out of anyone who happens to be unfortunate enough to see him, and gave crowds the entertainment of a lifetime.

But why is he the best ever?

Because he's the most unique. We've been through the iconic, charismatic, beefed up guys who win us over with their brave speeches regarding heroics and taking down the heels of the WWE, but we never got anything such as what the Boogeyman gave us.

Even his entrance was amazing. Red smoke would fill the arena before he entered the ring with his staff. Following his seizure like body movements, he would eat worms that his opponent would no doubt inject later on. You cannot bash on a man that eats worms for the entertainment of others, that's simply awesome.

The Boogeyman began his career on WWE: Tough Enough, before being ousted due to being over the age limit of 35. He was still eventually signed to a WWE Developmental League before landing a contract with Smackdown! His first real feud was with JBL during which he bit a "growth" off of Jillian Hall's face.

His other rivalries included Booker T and Finlay. During the Finlay rivalry, there was even a mini-Boogeyman. Throw in a miniature worm eater next to a full size worm eater? Perfection at its finest, folks.

He is now touring in an independent wrestling league, unfortunately. Somebody give this man a contract!

Boogeyman may not be a hall-of-famer, a championship winner, or made any major changes in the WWE whatsoever, but nonetheless, he's the best! The man smashed clocks on his head while singing lullabies before consuming worms. That's nothing short of spectacular.