College Cuties: UConn, Seminoles, and Razorbacks Are Big Winners

Jack RioContributor IOctober 15, 2008

The less publicized college football games need some love, too. So in an attempt to get more people to tune into a few of these games, I’ll give you a few reasons to watch. Well, I'll give you one reason—the cheerleaders or attractive fans.

I decided to make my picks this week based on the cheerleaders or female students' hotness. After a few quick Google searches, here are the results.


UConn vs. Rutgers

Both these Big East teams made runs in recent years. The Huskies just last year went 9-4, giving the student body a reason to attend games. This season isn’t a total loss yet. Yes, they lost quarterback Tyler Lorenzen, but the team is still 5-1.

On the other side of the ball, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights sit with an unimpressive 1-5 record. Two years ago, the Scarlet Knights were 11-2 and last season were 8-5. Obviously, fans don’t have much to cheer about.

So this lopsided match should go in favor of UConn, but like I said, the women are making the rules this week. UConn scores a solid score. In a Google search I found a few attractive and unattractive cheerleaders and one of a student in a cowboy hat.

I don’t care who you are, but you put a cowboy hat on an okay looking chick (say a five) it brings her up to at least a six or seven. That being said, UConn has the better team and has the better chicks.

Hands down, the UConn mops the floor with Rutgers, 33-13.


Florida State vs. North Caroline State

The Seminoles and Wolfpack should be a typical ACC matchup—unexciting. FSU is coming off a shootout with the Hurricanes and NC State lost to Boston College last week. I can’t see why anyone would want to watch this game, but I guess there isn’t too much else on on Thursday night.

In the last six meetings, these two teams have split the series 3-3. I’d say NC State has to be due, but I think FSU will win. The Wolfpack are not a good team this year, but I’ll leave my pick to the ladies.

I did find some nice looking ladies in, yet again, cowboy hats, but I had to trump the chicks. A few of the cheerleaders for the Seminoles were just okay.

And the winner is (insert drum role here) the Wolfpack of NC State. Wow, this will be a squeaker—FSU loses 28-27. Ouch, that has to hurt.


Arkansas vs. Kentucky

Neither team is that good this year, but both have played some good games. The Razorbacks beat a then-ranked Auburn team by a field goal last week and looking at their three losses, you cannot fault them. All were against ranked teams—Alabama, Texas, and Florida.

As for Kentucky, they have a better overall record at 4-2, but have not won in the SEC yet. I see them breaking that trend this week. The Wildcats are solid at home and have held opponents to a total of 63 points so far. The defense is solid as Alabama only managed 17 points against this Kentucky team.

Arkansas is good on the road, posting a 2-1 record, but they’ve given up 212 points this year…that is just insane.

I don’t see Arkansas running up the score, but again I’ll let the ladies of these universities make the call. And the winner will be the Wildcats, 40-14, solely based on one lovely lady.