College Cuties: UConn, Seminoles, and Razorbacks Are Big Winners

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College Cuties: UConn, Seminoles, and Razorbacks Are Big Winners

The less publicized college football games need some love, too. So in an attempt to get more people to tune into a few of these games, I’ll give you a few reasons to watch. Well, I'll give you one reason—the cheerleaders or attractive fans.

I decided to make my picks this week based on the cheerleaders or female students' hotness. After a few quick Google searches, here are the results.


UConn vs. Rutgers

Both these Big East teams made runs in recent years. The Huskies just last year went 9-4, giving the student body a reason to attend games. This season isn’t a total loss yet. Yes, they lost quarterback Tyler Lorenzen, but the team is still 5-1.

On the other side of the ball, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights sit with an unimpressive 1-5 record. Two years ago, the Scarlet Knights were 11-2 and last season were 8-5. Obviously, fans don’t have much to cheer about.

So this lopsided match should go in favor of UConn, but like I said, the women are making the rules this week. UConn scores a solid score. In a Google search I found a few attractive and unattractive cheerleaders and one of a student in a cowboy hat.

I don’t care who you are, but you put a cowboy hat on an okay looking chick (say a five) it brings her up to at least a six or seven. That being said, UConn has the better team and has the better chicks.

Hands down, the UConn mops the floor with Rutgers, 33-13.


Florida State vs. North Caroline State

The Seminoles and Wolfpack should be a typical ACC matchup—unexciting. FSU is coming off a shootout with the Hurricanes and NC State lost to Boston College last week. I can’t see why anyone would want to watch this game, but I guess there isn’t too much else on on Thursday night.

In the last six meetings, these two teams have split the series 3-3. I’d say NC State has to be due, but I think FSU will win. The Wolfpack are not a good team this year, but I’ll leave my pick to the ladies.

I did find some nice looking ladies in, yet again, cowboy hats, but I had to trump the chicks. A few of the cheerleaders for the Seminoles were just okay.

And the winner is (insert drum role here) the Wolfpack of NC State. Wow, this will be a squeaker—FSU loses 28-27. Ouch, that has to hurt.


Arkansas vs. Kentucky

Neither team is that good this year, but both have played some good games. The Razorbacks beat a then-ranked Auburn team by a field goal last week and looking at their three losses, you cannot fault them. All were against ranked teams—Alabama, Texas, and Florida.

As for Kentucky, they have a better overall record at 4-2, but have not won in the SEC yet. I see them breaking that trend this week. The Wildcats are solid at home and have held opponents to a total of 63 points so far. The defense is solid as Alabama only managed 17 points against this Kentucky team.

Arkansas is good on the road, posting a 2-1 record, but they’ve given up 212 points this year…that is just insane.

I don’t see Arkansas running up the score, but again I’ll let the ladies of these universities make the call. And the winner will be the Wildcats, 40-14, solely based on one lovely lady.

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