Hulk Hogan, Hulking Down a Peg: Is the WWE Superstar Overrated?

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Hulk Hogan, Hulking Down a Peg: Is the WWE Superstar Overrated?
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Hulk Hogan was an iconic wrestler who deserves immeasurable praise for catapulting wrestling into the mainstream hysteria and the public conscience in the 1980s. 

His passion and charisma were matched by few, and as the WWE struggles to maintain viewership in today's post-Attitude era, the business yearns for a taste of such magic and a glimpse of the next "big thing." 

As a role model, entertainer and business man, Hogan deserves the utmost respect. 

Hulkamania was a necessary, critical phenomenon in professional wrestling.  Still, the boa-wearing muscle-man behind the iconic concept is overrated as a wrestler. 

I can hear the nay-sayers:

"He changed the course of the business and made the WWE what it is today!  How can he be overrated?"

The answer is simple:  WCW.

Just kidding! 

The real answer is:  It's not all about money.  Factoring cold, hard numbers ends the debate of his ranking. 

I'm ignoring that and judging him as a wrestler and an entertainer of smart, loyal fans.  The WWE is a business, but fans don't buy tickets to go to the bank (unless they're scalpers).  They buy them to go to the show.

Other superstars of equal or greater caliber (but not value) have come and gone, and will come again.  They'll continue to sacrifice their bodies for the sake of sports entertainment and the awe of the fan.  Yet, in spite of their skill, they'll never have a chance to be put on the pedestal where the public places Hogan.

I grant anyone the telling of his excellence.  That is not debatable.  He deserves enormous acclaim for his influence.   But, c'mon...

Can't you just admit, Hulkamaniacs, that your legend may have been just a...tad...wee-bit...slightly...overrated?

No?  Then, how about that he had imperfections?

Still not budging?  Fine.  I'm going to give my top five reasons that I feel Hogan is historically overrated anyway.  

Or, Hogan loyalists, at the very least imperfect.  

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