Ribak's Basketball Fav 50...Are You In??

Daniel RibakContributor IOctober 15, 2008

My Fav 50 include the top 50 fantasy players of the 2008-09 NBA season..

1. Chris Paul(PG) - Led the league last year in assists and steals, fantasy owner's dream

2. LeBron James(SF) - Please show me his birth certificate saying he's really 24

3. Kobe Bryant(SG) -Mr. MVP, I dont care that the Lakers are stacked, expect Kobe's numbers to stay the same from last year, 28 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds

4.  Dwyane Wade(SG) - High on Wade this year, should have a monster year...do i hear MVP?

5.  Amare Stoudemire(C) - He is the number 1 center. Last 2 years only missed 3 games, looks like hes back.

6.  Dwight Howard(C) - Superman is only 23! Expect 25ppg along with 13rpg and over 2 blocks. Only knock is his FT%

7.  Dirk Nowitzki(PF) - With Kidd in town, look for Dirk to be a force this year, 26 ppg and 9rpg

8.  Elton Brand(PF,C) - Is out to prove something, don't overlook Phili's brand new toy

9.  Baron Davis(PG) - Played all 82 games last season, coming into training camp looking five years younger. 23 and close to 10 assists is not out of the question

10.  Allen Iverson(G) - Amazing how he still does it after getting beat up all these years

11.  Deron Williams(PG) - A better version of Steve Nash, 20ppg, 11apg

12.  Kevin Garnett(PF) - No longer the force he used to be, but still has steady numbers all across

13.  Chris Bosh(PF) - Should get plenty of open looks with the addition of Jermaine O'neal, that's if J.O stays healthy

14.  Josh Smith(SF) - A true fantasy stud, only 22, gets you every category and then some

15.  Caron Butler(G,F) - Has as much upside as anyone if healthy, with Arenas out expect big numbers, 23 ppg, 8 rpg, 4 apg, as well as over 2 steals a game

16.  Steve Nash(PG) - Shooting over 50% from the floor for a PG is rare

17.  Carmelo Anthony(SF) - Always a high scorer, is building a nice all around game

18.  Tim Duncan(PF) - As consistent as they come, 20/10, 3 assists, 2 blocks

19.  Danny Granger(G,F) - Very high on him this year, major breakout season

20.  Yao Ming(C) - Would have been higher, but has trust issues dealing with health

21.  Carlos Boozer(PF) - Solid 20/10 with over 50% from the floor

22.  Al Jefferson(PF,C) - How can Love hurt anybody? Expect big numbers from this young stud, 22ppg 12 rpg

23.  Jose Calderon(PG) - Is Toronto's full time starter, can easily compete with CP3 for the league lead in assists

24.  Jason Richardson(G,F) - What a first season he had with Charlotte, can he repeat?

25.  Joe Johnson(G) - Was very productive during the second half of the year last year, expect 23ppg, 6 rpg, 5 apg

26.  Antawn Jamison(F) - Will carry the load along with Butler with Arenas out, expect 21 points, 10 rebounds

27. Jason Kidd(PG) - First player since Magic Johnson to average 10+points and assists and 7.5+rebounds

28.  Brandon Roy(G) - A very fine player, just so much talent around him

29.  Rudy Gay(SF) - What a talent, be sure to draft him before your friend does

30.  Andre Iguodala(G,F) - The other A.I., numbers will increase with Brand coming into town. 21 ppg, 5 rpg, 5 apg, 2 spg

31.  Vince Carter(G,F) - A little low for V.C, worries me though with the Nets probably being a losing team, how will he handle it?

32.  Kevin Martin(SG) - You never hear a lot of people talking about him, an all around player, expect 23 ppg, 4 rpg, 3 apg

33.  Paul Pierce(G,F) - Even with KG, and Ray Allen, Pierce should still average 20ppg, 5rpg, 5 apg

34. Tracy McGrady(G,F) - If only he could stay healthy....

35.  Pau Gasol(PF,C) - A lot of talent around him, will still get you solid numbers from a big man. 17 ppg, 8 rpg 3 apg as well as over a block

36.  Hedo Turkoglu(G,F) - Came out of no where last year, numbers should remain the same

37.  David West(PF) - Playing alongside Chris Paul can't hurt, stays consistent again this year.  20ppg, 10rpg

38. Tony Parker(PG) - Scoring will increase with the absence of Manu Ginobili

39. Chauncey Billups(PG) - Might be leaving Detriot soon, out to prove he still has it

40.  Andrew Bogut(C) - Second half last year he averaged 16.3 points, 11.6 rebounds, 1.7 blocks and 1 steal

41.  Kevin Durant(G,F) - Nice rookie campaign, averaging 24 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists is not bad for a second year player

42.  Michael Redd(SG) - Milwaukee's sharp shooter, Richard Jefferson will help his game out

43.  Corey Maggette(G,F) - Numbers should improve by the run and gun offense of the Warriors

44.  T.J Ford(PG) - Is the man at point for Indiana now, could average 10 assists

45.  Rashard Lewis(F) - Sunk 226 3s last season, will get tons of open looks with Dwight Howard roaming the middle

46.  Josh Howard(G,F) -  A gifted athlete, but no one knows how he will handle all the criticism

47.  Devin Harris(PG) - I'm on the Harris' bandwagon, can expect 15 ppg and 7 apg from the young poing guard
48.  Mike Dunleavy(G,F) - Finally came into his own last year, Indiana's go to guy

49.  Gerald Wallace(SF) - The king of rotisserie leagues, if he can stay healthy for a full year, watch out...

50.  Lamar Odom(F) - Talk says he could get some time at the point, will improve his assists numbers

On The Bubble:
Raymond Felton(PG), Shawn Marion(F), Leandro Barbosa(G), Richard Jefferson(SF), Andrew Bynum(F,C), Al Horford(F,C), Richard Hamilton(SG), John Salmons(G,F), Mehmet Okur(C). Andre Miller(PG), David Lee(F,C), Al Thornton(F), Mike Miller(G,F), Mike Bibby(PG), Emeka Okafor(F.C)


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