Minnesota Vikings: Are Tarvaris Jackson's Days Numbered in the Twin Cities?

Nick McAndrewsCorrespondent IIIMay 5, 2011

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - CIRCA 2010:  In this handout image provided by the NFL,  Tarvaris Jackson poses for his 2010 NFL headshot circa 2010 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  (Photo by NFL via Getty Images)
Handout/Getty Images

As if the first round selection of Christian Ponder wasn't obvious enough for Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson, the Vikings add insult to injury by giving Ponder the No. 7 jersey. 

Jackson is an unrestricted free agent, regardless of whether the new CBA will keep the 2010 rules or not. Players like Ray Edwards, however, may be stuck with their current teams for another season. 

Vikings players Chad Greenway and Brian Robison have already been tendered with new contracts. Coach Leslie Frazier has publicly discussed his intention of keeping Sidney Rice and Edwards with the team. Jackson, however, has received no such outreach. 

He isn't the only Viking potentially on the chopping block, many other Vikings haven't receiver tenders either. Personally, I think it could be a wise move to keep him around for another year. 

Hear me out for a second. 

I'm not saying that I think he should be our starting QB. He has proved incompetent enough to fail out of franchise QB qualifications, but he has learned a thing or two from Brett Favre that could be passed down to Joe Webb or Christian Ponder. That has to be worth something, right? 

Jackson has been with the Vikings for roughly five years, there isn't a QB on the roster that knows the offense better than him. That's not to say that he should play. God no. He could be valuable holding a clip board on the sideline, helping out the younger guys. 

Another way Jackson could be valuable is as insurance for the QB depth chart. Nobody thought last year that Joe Webb would get any starts for the Vikings, but thanks to injuries, the Vikings were forced to start their rookie QB. 

Ponder has had a history with injury. Although I, like many other Vikings fans, would like to overlook that, the Vikings can't afford to not have a backup plan. 

Jackson could be relatively cheap to keep around. What other teams are looking for a guy with his credentials. The Vikings could sign him to a one-year deal for the minimum amount, just to have the depth for insurance. 

By no means do I think Jackson should play for the Vikings anymore, but I definitely prefer him to Rhett Bomar. Don't you?

Jackson is the only lingering presence of the Childress administration, but given the current situation with free agency, it could be more beneficial to keep him than bringing in some aged veteran that doesn't know the offense. 

Any opinions?