Bleacher Report NFL Power Rankings: Week Seven

Shaun AhmadSenior Analyst IOctober 15, 2008

Bleacher Report writers come together each week for the NFL season and decide on who belongs where for the “Bleacher Report NFL Power Rankings.” Writers vote teams up or down to come up with an unbiased, no-bull, to-the-point ranking system. 

The four-digit numbers beside each team are computed based on votes and show readers just how strong each team’s position is. Want to know how close your team was to being ranked in the top five, or how far ahead they are of the next guy? Simply look at the difference in the numbers to find out.



Just when everyone gets on the bandwagon about the NFC East being so far superior to everyone else, we have the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys both fall to NFC West teams, and the undefeated New York Giants lose to a one-win Cleveland Brown team. This is the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys are clearly in dangerous waters now. Tony Romo is out for a month, Adam Jones is out forever (probably), Jerry Jones traded 27 draft choices for a wide receiver that he didn’t need and failed to get a corner–which he did need-Terrell Owens is holding his anger in to the point where every time I see him, I think that he is literally going to combust, and Wade Phillips has the leadership ability of—well, Wade Philips. 

Old-timers like Kerry Collins, Kurt Warner, and Jeff Garcia continue to impress, as each has their team in the top seven. The Falcons are a young, confident, and dangerous team.  The Dolphins are a scrappy squad that fights till the end, and the Detroit Lions are the Detroit Lions.

Word has it that Cincinnati Bengals fans are openly selling their tickets on places like Stubhub for well below the face value. Can’t say that I blame them.

The New England Patriots are not very good, and Matt Cassel is not going to live out the fairy tale of “career backup to NFL superstar” after all, despite the optimistic hopes of many in the Boston area.

Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison have resurrected their potent connection–at least for a week, and last but not least...Las Vegas owns my soul thanks to the ridiculous upsets from last week’s games. 

On to the rankings!


1 (2) Tennessee Titans (.9688) – The lone undefeated team gets the first-place nod. (Alex McVeigh)


2 (5) Pittsburgh Steelers (.9241) – The week off came at the right time. Some good rest and relaxation, followed by a practice game against the Bengals. (Angel Navedo)


3 (1) New York Giants (.8929) – The ghost of Eli Manning’s past happened to rear its ugly head Monday Night in Cleveland. (Shane Howard)


4 (7) Buffalo Bills (.8482) – Buffalo’s season hopes clearly hinge on Trent Edwards.  We’ll see how he and the Bills stand after a visit from San Diego this week. (Eric Gomez)


5 (11) Tampa Bay Bucs (.8125) – Memo to Jon Gruden: Keep Jeff Garcia in. This Bucs team could very well be 7-2 come Nov. 3. (Eric Gomez)


6 (3) Washington Redskins (.7679) – Pete Kendall really shoved it in Casey Rabach's face, showing that he's not the only O-Lineman who can blow a game. (Alex McVeigh)


7 (15) Arizona Cardinals (.7188) – Raise your hand if you thought a Kurt Warner-led team would be 4-2 at this juncture. Now lower your hand if you forgot this was 2008 and not 2001. (Eric Gomez)


8 (4) Dallas Cowboys (.7098) – Picking up Roy Williams might prove helpful on offense, but last I checked, that wasn’t the problem. With Adam Jones suspended indefinitely, who is going to play corner? Oh yeah, two rookies. Good trade, Jerry Jones.  (Shaun Ahmad)

9 (8) Denver Broncos (.7054) – There are signs that the Broncos are evening out as a team, and a win on Monday night will help them. (Alex McVeigh)


10 (6) Carolina Panthers (.6696) – A week after getting everyone’s attention, the Panthers disappoint with a no-show performance against Tampa Bay. My wallet didn’t appreciate that loss very much. (Shaun Ahmad)


11 (13) Indianapolis Colts (.6473) – They looked like the Colts of old; completely handling a Ravens' defense that's shut everyone down. (Angel Navedo)


12 (18) San Diego Chargers (.6295) – The Chargers are as inconsistent as they are talented. That’s not a good thing.  (Shaun Ahmad)


13 (17) Atlanta Falcons (.6205)Matt Ryan continues to amaze and the Falcons are a shocking 4-2. They are up there with Buffalo, Tennessee, and Washington as surprise teams of the season.  (Shaun Ahmad)


14 (12) Philadelphia Eagles (.5714) – When the highlight of your division games is a win over San Fran, it's safe to say that the NFC East didn't have a great weekend. (Alex McVeigh)


T-15 (22) New Orleans Saints (.5446) – The first ever tie on Bleacher Report’s NFL Power Rankings. Reggie Bush continues to amaze and bring back memories of his days at USC. (Shaun Ahmad)


T-15 (16) New York Jets (.5446) – Raiders, Chiefs, and Rams are three of the next four opponents. The Jets could easily be 6-3, maybe even 7-2. (Shaun Ahmad)


17 (23) Jacksonville Jaguars (.5000) – A convincing win on the road proves the Jags are better than they've shown. (Angel Navedo)


18 (20) Green Bay Packers (.4732) – Every time I see Aaron Rodgers wearing a coat, it looks like he borrowed it from one of his offensive linemen. It's not that cold in Wisconsin yet, Aaron. (Eric Gomez)


19 (9) Chicago Bears (.4196) – The mediocrity in the NFC North is so prevalent, that it might be a tighter race then the NFC East. (Alex McVeigh)


20 (10) New England Patriots (.4152) – At least they have the Red Sox to watch. Oh, wait... (Shaun Ahmad)


21 (21) Minnesota Vikings (.3527) – A win's a win, right? Even when you don't deserve it. (Angel Navedo)


22 (25) Cleveland Browns (.2946) – Not so fast, Brady Quinn. (Shane Howard)


23 (14) Baltimore Ravens (.2857) – We know the offense is lackluster, but what happened to the defense? (Shane Howard)


24 (19) Miami Dolphins (.2813) – So you beat New England, then the Chargers...and the next week you lose to a previously winless team? Dude, you guys are like—tripping Ricky Williams out. (Eric Gomez)

25 (29) Houston Texans (.2277) – Guts. The quarterback draw on the last play of the game to win is pure guts. But then again, what did they have to lose?  (Shaun Ahmad)


26 (24) San Francisco 49ers (.1964) – Plenty of offense, not enough defense. That’s on you, Mike Nolan. (Shaun Ahmad)


27 (27) Seattle Seahawks (.1205) – Did the 12th Man ask for a trade before the Tuesday deadline?  (Shane Howard)


28 (32) St. Louis Rams (.1027) – Next three games: Dallas, @ New England, Arizona. Who says things got easier for the Rams once Jim Haslett took over? (Eric Gomez)


29 (26) Oakland Raiders (.0938) – It’s clear why Lane Kiffin didn’t like or want to draft JaMarcus Russell—an Al Davis pick. 13/35 for 159 yards and no touchdowns against a New Orleans defense that is full of holes? Like I said back when he was selected, Russell has BUST written on his forehead. (Shaun Ahmad)


30 (28) Kansas City Chiefs (.0804) – Good news! They didn't lose this week. (Angel Navedo)


31 (30) Cincinnati Bengals (.0670) – The good news? They have Carson Palmer instead of Dan Orlovsky/Jon Kitna. The bad news? They've won the same amount of games. (Alex McVeigh)


32 (31) Detroit Lions (.0134) – Believe it or not, trading Roy Williams was a good move. They get a first, third, and sixth-round pick out of it, and with Williams’ contract expiring this season, it wasn’t like they were going to be able to re-sign him anyway.  Number of smart things Detroit has done this season: Two (firing Matt Millen was the other). (Shaun Ahmad)


Biggest Jump: Arizona Cardinals are UP seven spots (15th last week to 8th this week)

Biggest Drop: New England Patriots are DOWN 10 spots (10th last week to 20th this week)

A special thanks to all those who participated, and will continue to participate in the future. Also, a sincere thank you to Angel Navedo for providing the picture used in this article.


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