San Diego Chargers: The Real Season Starts Now

Alex KasendorfContributor IOctober 15, 2008

They're six games in, and the Chargers have done just enough to make the season relevant heading into week seven. Arguably, this team should be 6-0, but they have yet to play at an elite level. The time to turn it into high gear is now.

First up is a tough Buffalo team fresh off a bye and a whooping at the hands of the Cardinals. The Chargers will have to face the dreaded west-to-east early game black hole against a team that is physical and does not make many mistakes. Sound familiar?

The Dolphins were a similar bunch, and we all know how that turned out. This game has all the makings of the Chargers reverting to their early-season form and falling flat on their face. But will they? Only time will tell.

London is calling next. Immediately after the Bills game, the boys fly across the Atlantic to match up against the Drew Brees and the Saints. Do you think he will be fired up to face his old teammates? Marques Colston and Jeremy Shockey should be available to wreak havoc on the Chargers' secondary, and unless a pass rush is present, it could be a long day.

These next two games precede the week eight bye and will go a long way to determine where this team will be in January.  With games against the Colts and the Steelers looming after the bye, the rest of the way won't get any easier. The Chargers must step up and play the game they are capable of, in all facets of the game.

There is no time like the present.