Bubba Watson: The Latest Golfer to Become a Tiger Woods Critic

Immer ChriswellCorrespondent IMay 4, 2011

NEW ORLEANS, LA - MAY 1: Bubba Watson hits his second shot on the first playoff hole during the final round of the Zurich Classic at the TPC Louisiana on May 1, 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)
Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Earlier today, Bubba Watson addressed the media. His interview was pretty normal, until, that is, he began to address the better players in the game. He didn't go into any specifics, until this: 

"I'll just go ahead and say it. I think Tiger's going the wrong way. I think he's so mental right now with his swing. Just go ahead and play golf. He used to hit shots, he used to bomb it, he used to do all that stuff."

There we have it! Another man who disagrees with Tiger's changes. Then again, a lot of people seem to have mixed feelings about Tiger.

Martin Kaymer feels he doesn't intimidate the field. Brendan Steele said Woods didn't give it his all. Suddenly, every tour player has become a Tiger Woods expert.

Not that I haven't written plenty about Tiger, but in general I am the last person to criticize Tiger's swing changes, and I will remain that way (don't count my last piece against me, it wasn't intended to criticize). 

To be honest, Bubba may be right in one respect. Tiger has become "mental" about his swing. Although I think the changes aren't bad, Tiger is not doing what he used to do. He isn't playing shots, he's swinging a golf club. And he's thinking about how he swings.

However, Watson also addressed something that has been Bubba's weakness: not thinking enough. While Tiger shouldn't be thinking about his swing, he also needs to consider everything when hitting a shot. Bubba sometimes struggles with that concept. Being self-taught, he has always had a simpler approach to the game.

While Tiger did have a somewhat simple approach, he certainly has always thought more about the game than Watson. It's not a criticism, just an obvious fact.

In summary, it seems to be a general consensus on the PGA Tour that Tiger has gone to a technical extreme, and everyone wants him to just go back.

Whether or not Watson raised valid points, it would be a lot easier on Tiger if he didn't have his fellow pros talking about him. He isn't ever asked about anyone else (for obvious reasons), and the players should just tell the media that it's Tiger's problem.

Everyone wonders why Tiger is in the news so much, but it's evident to me that it's because so many players take the bait and decide to comment on Tiger's game.

While they can say what they want, it would be nice if we just let Tiger play golf.