Hop On The Bandwagon Floridians

Matt SheaCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2008

In a time of high prosperity in sports of the south, it seems to be pretty cool nowadays to pull for those bright and shining Rays! I have NEVER seen so many Rays hats on so many people's heads!

Whatever happened to pulling for your team regardless of your record? That is especially obvious in the case of the Tampa Bay Rays. Surely, even when they had their bumpy years, fans could've still shown up for the games to cheer on their teams!

When the Bucs went and lost in the playoffs last year, they never lost their fan base! Also, what would've happened if the Rays were eliminated in the first round, just like the Cubs?!!? People's morale would have changed.

I'm no saint when being a bandwagonist because I DID pull for the G-Men in the '08 Super Bowl, but this is getting ridiculous people! Where were you when the Rays were crappy?!!?

Sure, the team wasn't good and the logo was ugly, but just showing up for games wearing a headband that they gave out at the door was something I did at a game in the 2007 season and I cheered for the Rays, even though they lost the game!

The only real reason I pulled for them was because that was my family's team. Now THIS year I went to a Tampa game against Boston while visiting family down in St. Pete and wore Red Sox stuff, the place was PACKED from behind the mound to left field with Red Sox fans.

I patiently watched the Sox fall apart and left the stadium to jeers and hatred spewing from the mouths calling me JUST ANOTHER FRONTRUNNER FROM BOSTON! But let's get something straight here people, I've pulled for Boston since 2003, immediately following my interest in sports spiking and I watched patiently as they lost to the Yankees.

I had family and friends that live in Boston, so I'm not just some FRONTRUNNER, get your facts straight!

Also, I know for a fact that there had to be half of those "Boston Fans" that switched up when the Rays made it to the postseason and were rolling at the end of the year, but seriously, just go stick your head in the sand and pull for the Marlins because you have no loyalty!

Regardless of what happens, I may not like to admit it but the Rays are the better team, but they still have to win in game 5 and we all know Boston is a comeback town! Get your popcorn ready Rays AND Boston fans, it looks to be a good ending to this series regardless of who wins!