Randy Orton: Will the Fans Now Turn Their Backs on The Viper?

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIMay 5, 2011


Two days after winning the World Heavyweight Championship, Christian lost the the title to Randy Orton on a taped episode of Smackdown.

That's right you heard me.

Christian dropped the belt to Randy Orton of all people.

When I first heard about this, anger and bitterness immediately filled my system. I could not believe such a thing had happened, and all my intrigue, interest and love for WWE just went up in smoke in an instant.

And many feel the same way as me.

The reaction to these events has been overwhelmingly negative. Videos, posts, blogs, tweets and articles have been done to show their anger and disgust with such an event happening.

Anger has not been seen for a storyline or booking decision since the Montreal Screwjob in 1997 and the Fingerpoke of Doom in 1999.

WWE is reported to be shocked at such a reaction, and anger and blame has been put on Vince, the Creative Team and especially Randy Orton.

Randy has received such massive hate for taking the World Title, and while it may not have been his decision, fans don't care.

The question is, will the fans now turn on Randy Orton?

It's no secret that Randy Orton is one of the most over guys in the company, the second biggest babyface behind John Cena. He was drafted to Smackdown to be its top face, and we all knew he was going to get the title sooner or later. His popularity showed that he was going to get it.

But this booking decision may have very well destroyed that popularity.

If Vince intended to keep Orton as a face, this was not the best way to do so. Orton took the title off of Christian right after his emotional victory in winning the Big One, and that really pissed off many fans to a point not seen in years.

Fans have turned their backs on Orton, as they have finally become sick of Orton being champ. I heard he gets a huge pop when he wins the title, but it was in the heat of the moment as it was a great match supposedly, yet I also heard there were also negative reactions and even chants of "Bullsh*t!"

Randy Orton has now become the IWC's most hated enemy. The Internet now hates his guts. But once Smackdown airs on Friday, it's up in the air as to how the rest of the WWE Universe will react.

Will they cheer Orton as they always had and make Vince happy, or will they turn on Orton and boo him?

To me, I like Orton, but now I am against him and will boo him viciously, just to be defiant. Vince has gone too far, and making sure Orton gets negative reactions would be a great way to stick it to him.

It's your choice whether to turn on Orton or not, it's likely to go either way. But me...every time I see him in the ring as World Heavyweight Champion, I will chant these words:

"You Screwed Christian!"