Heat Low On Oil

Matt SheaCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2008

Putting all losing streaks aside and willpower first in the heart of the Miami Heat, Losing has become a saddening way of losing by a total of 8 points in their first 3 preseason games. Sure my avidly HEATED Dwyane Wade is doing a stellar job this year, yet is Beasley's play the only thing going right in the heat's first 3 preseason games? I think the losses to the Nets are an OK thing for the heat because the Nets are awesome this year. However, they face a BIG BAD opponent in the Magic on the 18th and I put their ability to win with the stellar play of Wade and the SERIOUSLY flamin' hot play of Beasley aside and play some stellar DEFENSE so they can at least be 1-5 in preseason play. Letting Detroit win and the nets win was enough. Let's hope that Dwyane doesn't have to score all the points like he did in Orlando last year with 48 points and a LOSS! How does that happen? Inability to defend down the stretch and make BIG shots. I think the Heat have too many good players to not win at least ONE preseason game against the Magic. This may be the preseason but they cant go into their first 3 games with Wade doing it all, their playing on the road against the Hornets, Then the spurs, THEN the almighty Knicks. We'll see if they can at least be 1-2 going home to face Sacramento and whether or not they'll have enough in the tank to even outlast them at home after such a brutal road trip. Yet me being the Wade fan I am, holds his head high and sticks with his teams no matter what. I pull for the Magic, Heat and Red Sox, win or lose, rain or shine! Go MAGheatSOX!