WWE SmackDown Flop: The Christian and Randy Orton Controversy

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIMay 4, 2011


I think I speak for a ton of fans when I say that Christian winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules had to be one of the best moments in the history of the WWE.

Christian worked over a decade to get a World Title in WWE, and he heavily deserved at least one reign as the champ.

WWE ran into a bit of a quagmire seemingly, which pretty much made it academic that Christian would becoming the World Heavyweight Champion at ER. With Edge retiring, and no face currently at the level of Christian on SmackDown, WWE had to go with an Alberto Del Rio/Christian match at the PPV.

As we know, Del Rio moved to RAW, which meant it was obvious WWE had to put the title on Captain Charisma. And there was no fan that seemed to be against the move. Everyone seems to love Christian, and most fans were breathing a sigh of relief saying, "FINALLY".

Christian was also highly emotional after the match, and rightfully so. He worked his butt of for that title, and finally got it. After the show, it was said that Christian went up and hugged Vince McMahon and said, "Thank you" to the bossman. It made us think Christian was going to get at least a small month reign at the least.

Christian is in no level of, say, his best friend Edge. When Edge held the title, he was at a level of popularity and cross over pop culture appeal that made him worthy of a top spot. He also worked his way up to hold a World Title for a long time. Remember, his first reign wasn't long at all.

His next wasn't extremely long either, but soon it became more and more. Christian on the other hand, just got into the main event hunt after being a popular mid-carder, like that of Chris Benoit for instance.

Remember Benoit won the same championship, but had little backing. WWE fans thought he deserved it, and wanted him to hold the title. So, WWE gave the fans what they wanted. But keep in mind Benoit just got into the hunt of being a main event talent more and more.

The same goes for Christian here.

While he deserved the title, we all know he didn't deserve a long reign at this point in his character build up. As it made no sense with a former seven-time World Champion on the brand in Randy Orton who was a proven draw and has a massive fan base. One of which that grows constantly.

This is why WWE turned him face, because after a while it was hilarious that fans loved Orton so much, the cheered him even as a heel.

So the turn happened, and fans were elated. Orton then had to take the place of the retiring Edge, as SmackDown's new top face. Christian is in no position to be a top face, at least not right now. Down the line after a further build up? Hell yes. Just not right now, as he has not yet been built to be this.

So Edge goes, Orton arrives. This meant that WWE was going to take the title off whoever the champion was going to be at ER, which we all knew would be Christian. So, that's what they did last night at the SmackDown tapings.

The World Heavyweight Title was defended and just days after his win, Captain Charisma loses the prize he worked so very long for. But, why are fans hating on Orton for this?

You do know Orton doesn't book the show right?

A ton of people are hating on the IWC for being mad that Christian lost, which is a natural emotion we, the IWC will have. Christian is a big name for us, and we all love the guy. He just does it for us, and well, is it wrong to be a fan? No.

However, as a fans do tend to get carried away. Sure, we don't like that Christian lost his World Championship, but we could still be complaining that he has never won one, ya know?

Remember, that reign is there, and he now has his name beside the greats. There are very few people who ever get to hold that championship for any period of time, and Christian was one of those lucky few. So, I'm sure he was more than happy to lose it, because he realized that he could have never won it.

It's like that old saying, it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

It's better than Christian finally held won the big one and lost it, rather to still be trying to win it.

So, be happy IWC, although short, at least he won! And hey, at least it wasn't the shortest. That honor goes to Jeff Hardy with about a seven or eight-minute reign. Coincidentally, he also won his in a ladder match.

Randy Orton was eventually going to hold the title, and we all knew Christian wasn't going to be a 1 year champ. So, once again, he happy. And kill the Orton hate as well, it's not as if he told Christian to lay down.

Christian gave us a great 5 day reign didn't he? I say 5, because remember, SmackDown aires on Friday people.


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