WWE/TNA 2011: IWC's Bad Habit Needs to Stop

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 4, 2011

Enough is enough already, STOP!
Enough is enough already, STOP!

*This is no spoiler. This is just my plea to put an end to them. Proceed with the reading.*

I recently noticed that I have a very bad habit.

I check wrestling news/spoiler websites and read up on all the news/spoilers listed. 

Right now, TNA has one of their biggest feuds going on between Kurt Angle and The Jarretts. One website had a spoiler for that feud which revealed Kurt Angle's "mistress." I clicked on the link but before the page loaded, for a split second, I felt a sucker punch of reality and closed the page.


It is meant to be a surprise. Angle has been talking about his "mistress" for about two weeks now and I want to just click on one thing and spoil it for myself?


Most of the time I let my eagerness to know get the best of me and I read all the dirt in wrestling before it happens. The problem is: I want it to be a surprise.

I recently read spoilers for the May, 12 edition of iMPACT! and was surprised by many things on the broadcast. After I read it I felt ashamed of myself. I spoiled something big. Something I thought about constantly. I ruined the show a week before it started.

I doubt that I'm the only one that does such things. I'm sure members of the IWC read the spoilers and then ruin things for loyal fans who don't read the spoilers.

This is a bad habit I, and most of the IWC, have. We give in to our curious state of mind. We ruin the shows before they happen. We ruin the shows for ourselves and others who don't read the spoilers.

I am asking for it to end. Stop reading the spoilers. Stop telling others about them. 

Be patient and wait for the time to come. A big example is what happened on this Friday's episode of Smackdown. I had no idea about it until I clicked the wrestling page here on Bleacher Report. There are tons of stories about the dilemma.

If you're going to read spoilers please don't go around and ruin the show for others. 

Isn't the reason why we watch to see what happens next? Where will our favorites be next week? Instead we read spoilers and see days in advance and ruin big surprises that WWE and TNA try so hard to keep secret.

We are creatures of habit, and old habits die hard but I vow to end this habit for myself and my own surprise and entertainment. 

Now, who's with me?