Rory McIlroy and 5 Golfers to Watch at the Wells Fargo Championship

Immer Chriswell@@immerrangeCorrespondent IMay 4, 2011

Rory McIlroy and 5 Golfers to Watch at the Wells Fargo Championship

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    The Wells Fargo Championship is going on without Tiger Woods, just in case if you haven't heard. While many people won't be flipping to the tournament because of this, I ask you to consider the field. It is one of the best fields of the year, outside of the obvious picks (WGC, Masters).

    A lot of talented names will be putting their best on the line for four days, but only one will claim the trophy. Last year, young gun Rory McIlroy burst into the final round, shooting 62 to win by five strokes over Phil Mickelson.

    So who will be this year's champion? Who will come out on top after the three hardest closing holes on tour?

Dark Horse: Sergio Garcia

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    If you haven't noticed by now, I am a Sergio Garcia fan. I think he's a great golfer, but of course has not had the success he should have had on tour. After taking a break from the game for the first time in his career, Garcia has posted respectably. His last tournament, and even par third round plagued his opportunity to capture the trophy, and he had to settle for T22.

    However, don't write him off. His game is very solid if his putting shows up. He is one of the best on tour for greens in regulation, and the more chances you have, the better chance you have of capitalizing on those chances.

    This course requires accuracy, and Garcia is definitely a more accurate player. Don't forget either, that Garcia does not have a spot in the US Open. Should he win, he would drop into it. There's motivation in itself.

Rickie Fowler

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    Although Fowler hasn't particularly stuck out in the way he has played, he has still been competitive this year. He's trying to follow up his Rookie of the Year season with a win, and this is a great opportunity.

    Last year, Fowler finished in solo sixth place, accumulating a four round total of seven under par. Although he was nine strokes off the lead, he was only four strokes off of the leader everyone expected to win the tournament, Phil Mickelson.

    Without a win, Rickie Fowler is still unproven. However, it's easy to see this young man breaking through this week.

Tommy Gainey

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    I first saw "Two Gloves" on the Big Break. I never really regarded him as a potential player on tour. Boy was I wrong. So far, Gainey has two third place finishes, two more top 10s, and a top 25 to his credit. While it may not seem impressive, keep in mind this man was not really regarded as a threat.

    Gainey has seen his rank go from somewhere in the 500 range to 89 in the matter of a year. It seems as though a year of the Nationwide Tour has taught this original player how to make success out of what he has: a strange swing.

    The plus to this is that if he wins, there won't be any fingerprints on the trophy.

Steve Marino

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    The man without a win, but with all the birdies. That's what Steve Marino is. And that's what he may always be. After this weekend, he could very well get rid of that title. Last year, had it not been for McIlroy's final round dramatics, the winning score would have been at 11 under par. 

    Steve Marino has it in him to make 15 birdies or more this week, the question is will it be enough, and can he avoid the bogeys that plague him?

Phil Mickelson

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    I didn't pick a contender this week, because I don't think there is anyone clear cut from the rest of the field who has proven to be a force. However, that doesn't mean that classic choices like Phil Mickelson are any less intimidating. 

    He broke through the week before the Masters, only to post a relatively disappointing finish there. It doesn't classify as a bust or a choke, but it certainly wasn't Lefty's best.

    Last year, Mickelson's steady play was upstaged by Rory McIlroy. The person to take it this week will be... 

Winner: Rory McIlroy

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    Normally I'm not the person to pick last year's champion as a big contender, but McIlroy was impossible not to pick. After how well he has played in the past three weeks, not to mention how he has carried himself, he has shown how much he has grown.

    While he was already mature in many was, in the public eye he was very much a raw personality. He spoke about Tiger when he wished, and wasn't afraid to speak his mind. After the Masters, he also showed the class act he is. His post-round interview was great, and McIlroy nearly was able to win the next week as well.

    Although it's hard to see McIlroy recovering like this for many, it's the obvious pick for me.